Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Bit coin is said to be helping the Russians have currency. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


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Sorry that this is short.   I have to get going to dump the computers and install the new router.   Have a great day everyone.  


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Wizard of Id Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Monty Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Clay Jones Comic Strip for March 05, 2022


Clay Bennett Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

Doonesbury Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

John Deering Comic Strip for March 06, 2022


When you are wrong and you know you are wrong, but you keep lying and the people know you are lying, you call yourself a Republican.

Bone saw award

kicked their ass go vlad


Gary Markstein Comic Strip for March 05, 2022


Paul Manafort, who was an advisor to the Pro-Russia/Pro-Putin former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, was Trump’s campaign Chairman. He worked for free. Manafort picked Pence for VP.

Manafort never stopped working and talking with Russia throughout the 2016 election.


Trump bragged about love letters from North Korea. He was Putin’s puppet. Truly vile.


Republicans are soft. Soft-headed. Soft on our enemies. Soft of racism. Soft on sexism.

Having no principles or morals is disqualifying.

John Deering Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Clay Jones Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

Lisa Benson Comic Strip for March 05, 2022


No wonder Trump called Putin a genius.



ViewsAmerica Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Views of the World Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

Lalo Alcaraz Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

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Steve Kelley Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

putin head blowing up

Mike Lester Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for March 06, 2022


Republicans rely on Russia for everything.

Ben Shapiro, cancel your accounts.

Stuart Carlson Comic Strip for March 04, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

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As you can see, the right has created another no-win situation for President Biden. If President Biden doesn’t cut the flow of Russian oil, then the right can accuse him of being weak. Even though he has been sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing other sanctions. If President Biden cuts off the flow of Russian oil, then Republicans can blame him for the higher oil prices because there is less oil available. Even though there is very little President Biden can do about the price of oil. It will take two years for Keystone XL pipeline to be completed if President Biden restarted the program. That doesn’t solve the problem right now. That oil would also be sold on the open market, so we possibly wouldn’t get it. The oil is being transported by other ways as well currently. We could make land available for oil drilling, but it would also take time to put the wells in place. Assuming the oil companies want to do it. They might like the way things are because it is more profitable that way.

This situation could have been prevented if Republicans and more Democrats voted for the Green New Deal in order to reduce our dependence on oil.

Plus as I understand it the oil companies are sitting on land leases they already have but have not done anything with. The US is the largest producer of oil, and yet it is sold on the open market you mention instead of being restricted to home use. Also there is the question of refineries. Oil comes in grades, and not all refineries refine the same grades of oils. So there is a mix of sending oils from country to country to where the ability to take that grade of oil and make it into the final product for sale. It really is a complicated mess. The US president has little control over it, if any.

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And then the right can blame President Biden for the price of oil being too high. We could put our military in Ukraine and hope Putin doesn’t retaliate with nukes. Even if Putin doesn’t the right will be upset when a soldier gets a paper cut.

A.F. Branco for Mar 05, 2022

Despite the attempts to smear Biden, the Democrats have proposed and are trying to enact boycotts and restrictions on Russian oil. Strangely the Republicans have not supported this effort even as the right wing media is demanding it. It is a double edged sword, if Biden does sanction the Russian oil even though the US part of it has already shrunk to very low levels if the price of oil increases the right can blame Biden. If Biden doesn’t act to sanction the Russian oil then the right can accuse Biden of not supporting Ukraine. The right wing loves this as it lets then do what they do best, talk out both sides of their mouth because for them it is not the policy that counts but how to attack Democrats. They are kids wanting to hurt the other. They don’t care about policy or what is best for people. They want the emotional childish game. So let us see how many of the Republicans in congress support sanctions on Russian oil.

This is done by a right wing media cartoonist to try to force the US into a war because of the fact most people care about the hurt of other people.   But it is not that simple.  Yes Ukrainians are dying.  How many more will die if madman Putin who is repeatedly demonstrated he doesn’t care about human life feels backed into a corner and does launch nuclear weapons?  How many more will die then.  How long will the destruction last then?  There are ways to handle this war that are not flashy  and does not beat the breast of the wannabe macho men, but it keeps the death toll down. 

The right has deliberately poisoned the well on CRT. ‘Critical race theory’ is the perfect villain,” Rufo wrote. He takes critical-race theory as a concept, strips it of all meaning, and repurposes it as a catchall for white grievances. “The goal,” he tweeted, “is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.’ We have decodified the term and will recodify it to annex the entire range of cultural constructions that are unpopular with Americans.” As you can see this is a manufactured crisis for political gain by the right and a person very arguably a white supremacist. CRT has become a code for the racist history of the US and some white people don’t want it taught accurately and if taught it must be watered down to seem a beneficial action by white people toward blacks. Not sure why so many white people identify with the slavers rather than the abolitionists. CRT is only a legal theory taught in law schools or advanced degree programs. It is not taught in high schools, and it is not taught in grade schools. That idea is another right wing media misinformation campaign. And Rufo admits it.

Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

The “Biden weak” trope wore out, so let’s try “Harris incompetent.”  Biden’s day off, attack Harris. Ho, hum.   Perhaps the alleged cartoonist should be worried about the Trump Principle: the ability to spectacularly fail upwards while destroying everything around you. It’s well practiced by most Republicans.  She has undertaken several difficult tasks and done — not perfectly: This is politics — but pretty well. However, like the big lie(s) about Hillary promulgated by the reich wingers, I suspect their big lies about Harris will prevail in the end, if only by 55% to 45%.


And now some for fun

snakes everywhere.

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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Free Range Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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Prickly City Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

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Moderately Confused Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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Pickles Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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The Buckets Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

Daddy's Home Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

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The Middletons Comic Strip for March 06, 2022

Candorville Comic Strip for March 05, 2022

9 thoughts on “Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Bit coin is said to be helping the Russians have currency. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    1. Oh Nan, you know how I love the cartoons and the memes. I already explained that my first list is about 180 pages, some are multiple pages long with more or less cartoons depending on day. My second list is 57 pages long. The third set is 19 pages long. That doesn’t count the cartoons / memes that I find in comment sections that I save for posting. This is why the roundup has become such a big part of my time. it takes nearly a day with normal interruptions to get it created and posted. There is no way to stay at it with my health, I have to take breaks and do other things, go lay down, rest, move, even sometimes just read or watch other news. The roundup has taken on a much bigger part of my day than when I first started it. But as I said I really enjoy the cartoons / memes. It would go a lot faster except for my discovering the right wing cartoon comment sections. That slows my progress on the roundup to a crawl if not outright stop. I admit I enjoy the “conversations” for the most part where I get to slam idiots with facts and reason. Facts don’t seem to affect them much, but reason tears them up. But to do that requires me to spend time looking up facts and information, then composing the comments /replies, then proofreading them because you have to be careful not to give them anything to hit back at you on such a s a miss use of your / you’re or they will focus on that and ignore what you said. Also you have to watch the goal post moving. If you leave them too many points, they will grab a minor one and try to change the entire discussion as if that were the entire subject from the beginning. If they run into something they cannot blow off or move the goal post then they start with the insults if they have not been doing that from the beginning. See in their world to insult you is to win any discussion regardless of reasoning or facts. I have gotten to know the ones I don’t engage with because they are either just insult trolls or Russian propaganda bots paid to push the Russian narrative no matter what, but there are some I will respond to. Mostly I leave a fact filled comment and they wait for the attacks to come rolling in. For example, I have not left any comments on those sites since last Saturday and while writing this comment I have had five email notifications of responses. Most of these people either have nothing else to do or are paid to do this. I have a life so I try not to get caught up with them. But if I let it then it could take up an entire day.

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  1. In regard to transgender youth:

    Hi Scottie;
    When I was just a kid of ten, I found that I needed to wear glasses. Not sure what I did to deserve that. My cousin died of diabetes. The neighbor passed away due to cancer. There was a kid at church that was born and died of a debilitating disease that I frankly never knew or don’t remember. My Grandfather died of a heart attack and my Grandmother died of cancer. The neighbor finally passed away from emphysema. My cousin’s baby came into the world needing heart surgery and was operated on before making 7 days of life on this side. And, all during this, I saw commercials on tv for St. Jude’s hospital. Did they want to be sick?
    My point: Somehow things don’t always arrive from the baby factory in perfect condition. I don’t know why. And yet, there are doctors that treat eye problems, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, lung disease. Somehow babies don’t arrive perfect and need help treating those imperfections. Does it seem so impossible that a baby could arrive from the factory with a problem regarding their sexual assignment?
    Why are some okay to treat and others must be left to suffer? Should my cousin have died because the baby factory made a mistake? Should all who get cancer just be left to their own devices? Why do I give to St. Jude’s? Why is it that a beautiful life must be left incomplete? Is it because it makes someone doubt their “perfect” baby factory? Will the world will only be a better place if suffering is allowed?
    Personally, I hate cancer. I think it’s one of the most terrible of things. I’m truly offended that people continue to declare themselves afflicted by it.


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    1. You know, what I truly hate about far too many republicans and others who simply rant and demand? The inability or unwillingness to think and consider that their position on something may be wrong or limited in scope and field. Then to stand in place and demand that others accede to their fantasy of perfection without recourse to rationale or revalidation of mistaken facts, shaming others for their temerity to argue and disagree as somehow against the very creator of the world! How tenuous reality must be for some.

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      1. Hello Brother. Again you have found a way to word things so clearly. It is a gift you have I wish I shared. Yes bodies are not created perfect and do not stay in prime condition as we age. Both situations I know well. But if you look at this issue deeply you find the specter of religion lurking in the background. That is why the party of smaller government wants complete control over what you read, see, enjoy, actions you can take, and control over your body. Because religion is not a democracy but a dictatorship where GOD is the top guy making the rules that cannot be questioned. But God doesn’t tell you the rules, he tells his representative, the preacher / priest. The preacher tells you the rules and you must not argue with him because he is representing the dictator and to do so it so anger his boss. So what ever the preacher wants must be done and obeyed. Have you noticed that God passes down rules to his representative ones that agree with what the representative’s thoughts. Weird that. The dictator god loves the same things the preacher does and hates the same things that the preacher does. Hates the same actions and people. That means independent though must be stomped out. It is why Putin aligned himself with the church and why tRump did.

        So now on to why the think that if you never read, see, hear of, or are told of LGBTQ+ or masturbation you will never be one of those letters or try that act. This is because they cannot have their god making a mistake even though you clearly show that bodies are not perfect. If they would admit to evolution and the normal growth of a fetus during pregnancy they would lose power, and that must never be allowed. These people heard / teach taht hearing about same sex attraction is what causes kids to decide to be gay / same sex attracted. They totally don’t figure in fetishes because in their world they don’t exist as they are doing them. They think kids won’t touch themselves if you never tell them about masturbation. Do these people remember their own childhoods, did they never shower? All they are doing is shaming normal functions. People don’t choose their sexual attractions, and kids will try to have that mythical feeling good sex no matter if you explain it to them or not. But the preacher losses control if he cannot force the parents to force their kids to marry young to have sex and then all stay in the church feeding more butts in the seats with more donations. It is not about the kids, or the family happiness, it is about butts in the pews giving donations / tithes to the church. If kids are masturbating they may not feel the need to rush into marriage and because they are not taught sex education / birth control, they have kids.

        It is all because they want the control over your body, male and female and for females must have their sexual organs / birth controls control and mandated. No mask mandates, no assistance for born children, but hey if you diddle we get to say how and what happens next. On transgender kids the fight is even more desperate to keep that religious power. God cannot be wrong they thunder. God doesn’t put a penis on a girl’s mind. But we know evolution does. It also puts a vagina on a boy’s mind. I find it really funny that the trans exclusionary radical feminist are parenting church talking points on this issue. No kid is born in the wrong gender, kids are being forced to act like a different gender so they won’t be gay or lesbian. Or as the guy in Florida who push the don’t say gay bill, he is horrified kids who are gay are not targeted for abuse and bullying. They are coming out and being treated as celebrities he claims. They go from nobodies to being praised. So the real reason he wants his bill pasted is not to protect children but to cause fear in them, make them the targets for harm. He thinks gay / trans kids just being accepted as normal for being themselves openly is being a celebrity. And that is unacceptable to him because god hates the gays and everyone knows kids are only doing this gay / trans stuff because someone recruited them or they read it in a book. How they explain the LGBTQ+ before these books were widely in libraries I have no clue because they act as if this is something totally new. Plus they never explain how a parent gains from forcing their gay kid to be the opposite gender so the family is not shamed when trans is bad also? These people don’t accept the truth that LGBTQ+ are born that way because that means their god is not hating what they hate, that they have been told to hate, and they lose weapons to shame families and kids / adults with. How can they look down on those people if they are accepted? And if kids are taught not to bully those different kids how can we adults keep bullying them? They must have a scape goat.

        Sorry for the rant, I am in a mood today. I agree that some people need to accept reality, not feed their distrust and dislikes. The world progresses and new understandings happen. In the 1950’s LGBTQ+ were mentally ill. Now we know that it is normal. Times change. But if your rules come from a 2,500-year-old book then your understanding cannot grow, your acceptance cannot change, and you have been trained to ignore reality. Have a great day at work.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. If only I had more hours to give to finding more cartoons / memes / tweets that have a message I want to share. 😀😁😄😅😎🤪 I admit the roundup has grown a lot since I first started sharing it. I started posting about 26 or 30 memes I would find in individual posts. People complained I was making too many posts and why not consolidate them into one post. But then some days I couldn’t find any to post on those sites, so I would look for more pages to add to the list of pages to check. It has grown from there into a monster of its own. Someday it will break out of the computer and devour all life in our home.


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