THE GUARDIAN: Vladimir Putin: a miracle defender of Christianity or the most evil man?

Vladimir Putin: a miracle defender of Christianity or the most evil man?
The Russian president’s Orthodox faith is central to his worldview but he has used it to justify invasion and violence in God’s name

Read in The Guardian:

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11 thoughts on “THE GUARDIAN: Vladimir Putin: a miracle defender of Christianity or the most evil man?

    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. This is so frustrating to me. I get alerts on my phone / iPad or go to Apple News and read a story to share but after it gets posted some people cannot read it. Yet when I click on the link in the post it takes me right to the story. So I have no clue why it won’t open for you or others. But thank you for giving us the link. OT. My eyes are slowly clearing. Not sure about the new glasses yet, I have to wait until my eyes clear some more.

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        1. Hello Nan. Maybe but I don’t see how that applies. Simply because yes on my phone or pad it maybe because they are apple devices. But as you know I have completely wiped my computers often. I have never had to sign up or sign in or register to get those stories. So if it was a cookie that I get I would have to redo it when I go back online, but I don’t have to. But I wonder how many people are having this issue? Is it widespread or limited to an area, a program on the computers, or something I have not thought of? Right now the only thing I can do is to send it to my email (that overfull disaster) and then make a post out of them manually. That way people can read the news I am trying to share on my own blog. It will add a few more steps but that was what I had to do when I had the .org blog as I couldn’t post via email from that. But please keep telling me if you cannot read a post because if you cannot then there are others that just moved on that did not. I share because I think the stories are important information. I would rather do a more steps to make sure people can read the information than not have them read it or not be able to. Thanks.


          1. In the morning, before I sign onto my computer, I sometimes open Google News on my phone … and I get the same message when I click through to some of the articles (I have an Apple SE). I dunno … ???

            Anyway, yes, I’ll try to let you know.

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        2. Have you tried using the Apple news? It brings in a lot of different news providers to give you news from sources you want. I really enjoy it when I cannot be on the computers, it is my first news site.


          1. I misspoke … it is Apple News that I read first thing in the AM on my phone. But even so … I still get blocks from certain news sources when I try to open the link.

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        3. Hello Nan. The only ones I am blocked on is the Apple Plus news stories. I know the goal is to get more profit but if you offer a news service where you provide news stories you should provide all the stories or not offer any of them. They still keep a record of the news you read anyway.

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  1. The trouble with this is it’s fits with their prophesy … the bear of the north.

    This is why they’re pushing it so hard, calling it “god’s will”, it’s heralding the apocalypse.

    That their geography is off by a bit is one of god’s mysteries …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Having been a victim of religious oppression I am always worried when political movements turn to religion for support, giving the religion extra rights and privilege in exchange for that support. I worry at the view of religion that secular laws don’t apply to them because they are working for a higher power, in their view. Why do religious people want to control others so badly? Why do religious people want other people to die so they can get a gain? Why do the religious people endorsing this idea of everyone dying so they can have more? Again, this mindset of ignoring this life in favor of the next one that may not even exist is scary to me.

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