Thank you

Thank you to everyone, all viewers of my Playtime.   It has been a struggle these last 4 days with computer issues.   Maybe the most frustrating thing was not being able to read and answer the comments.   Sadly I have had a long day and I am quite exhausted right now.  Thankfully I have Ron looking out for me who insisted I stop long enough to eat a short time ago, which will keep me from getting sick or having a blood sugar issue.   My eyes are clearing finally, and I can see things more clearly and without the shifting blurriness I have fought all day.   I hope it gets better so that these new glasses won’t turn out to be a problem.   However I have reached my limits.   I cannot sit at the computer any longer.   So I will take my last evening pills I have forgotten to take until now ( don’t tell Ron as I am normally the one that has to remind him and … well you know ) And I am off to bed.  I am not sure when in the morning I will get up.   I may sleep in, something I don’t often do if my body will let me, if not I will be up between 4:30 and 5 AM.   Night and best wishes.   Scottie  

5 thoughts on “Thank you

    1. Hello Annie. Despite my best efforts I only managed to stay in bed an extra 20 minutes. My natural rhythm is to wake early and alertly, then get tired in the early evening, going to bed in the early evening between 8 and 9 PM. By 9 PM I am tired and when I hit the bed I go right out. My husband Ron is the opposite. He sleeps in getting up anywhere between 7:30 to 8:30 AM, when he wakes, he is groggy and hardly functioning. He stays up late coming to bed around 11 or later most nights. We both often go for early afternoon naps. After 32 years we have gotten comfortable with each other’s sleep cycles. And that is far more information than you wanted I bet. 😀😁😃😉

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    1. Hello Ali. Good morning. I feel rested. I got up at 4:30 ready to do the roundup. Yet life is trying to get in the way. The whole family got up and we have been chatting all morning. Plus at some point today I must sharpen a bunch of knives. That takes time. But we will do what we can. Thanks.

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