5 thoughts on “Trump Was Tough on Putin?

  1. I wonder what kind of runaround tRump would come up with if this was played for him. After all, it is quite obviously HIS mouth that’s moving and saying these things. (No doubt he would say it was edited.)

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    1. Hello Nan. He would say we just don’t understand how smart and correct he is. You are just too stupid to understand his genius. He has had a mysterious way of changing reality to fit what he wants it to be regardless of facts. I use to wonder how he did it but then I just watched a video of a white nationalist talking about why he loves tRump, how tRump talks like they do, they want to hear people talk like that, how proud they are that tRump worked so hard to stop diversity, block Muslims, keep out those rapist drug dealers from the south, and so on. That is why tRump can get away with it, because the majority of those supporting him can put their bigotries on him even if he doesn’t voice them the same way. The same with the religious that support him. They get what they want from him. So if he says it is raining they say yes it is appoint another religious judge and block more brown people please.

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