Family Values, Texas-Style

You cannot persuade some one of something their paycheck or position depends on them refusing to accept. Abbot is locked in a who can be the worst Republican contest with Florida’s DeathSantis. Both want to be president. Both need the same cult base voters. So the contest of racing to the bottom of the pit is on. Each needs the culture wars to distract from their horrid response to the pandemic and how many deaths were caused by their policies. They need to distract the voters from all the issues in the two states that are not getting addressed such as power grids failing and corporations taking all the profits with no regulations possible. The fact people cannot get healthcare. They need to distract from the poor roads and bridges failing. But they can stand firm on what they know their base cares most about, LGBTQ+ books and stories in libraries, them horrid brown people who need to be oppressed and learn to like it, and those women who think they have a right to control their sexual parts and control their own bodies, and where trans people pee. We really need to know and control where trans people pee to save the hospitals from failing when they are overwhelmed, and the state needs to ask the federal government for healthcare workers. Those Republican governors must have their priorities right?

Mock Paper Scissors

We’re gonna lead with the conclusion of this piece: Never give a Republican the benefit of the doubt.

Amber Briggle says her long fight over gender-affirming care wasn’t a choice but her duty. Her Texas family is under investigation after state Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a legal opinion this year saying gender-affirming treatments for transgender children constitutes child abuse. Later, Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate any reported instances of such treatments.

The Briggles are now the target of such an investigation.

So… how did Paxton become aware of her family and her transkid?

Briggle’s son is transgender. Back in 2016, she told Texas Standard she invited Paxton over to dinner to “put a human face” to the struggle for transgender rights that Paxton was challenging at the time via opposition to public school bathroom guidelines outlined by the Obama…

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3 thoughts on “Family Values, Texas-Style

    1. Hello Jill. Even as he is been charged with corruption crimes and is under investigation for financial crimes, he pushes the culture war. Also at the same time as I posted a home for sexually abused girls was trafficking those same girls out for sex. And after it came out the state left the girls there. They only moved them after a judge found out. Damn it. On the site I got this from, one of the commenters said the cruelty is the point. I am not sure of his background so I don’t know if this is from a religious point of view or just normal Republican pandering.

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      1. Sigh. I must admit that I no longer understand the world and most of the people in it these days. Some seem to have forgotten that we’re all in this together and the more we help one another, the better off we all are. Hugs

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