Missouri bill seeks to ban terminating life-threatening ectopic pregnancies


Missouri bill seeks to ban terminating life-threatening ectopic pregnancies

Missouri state Rep. Brian Seitz (R) introduced a bill in the state House that would ban the termination of ectopic pregnancies.

These pregnancies, which occur when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the uterus, most often in the fallopian tube, can be life-threatening for the pregnant person if left untreated, and the fetus can’t survive being carried to term, according to Mayo Clinic.

The bill, if passed into law, would make performing, inducing or attempting to perform or induce an abortion for such a pregnancy a class A felony. Insider reported that such a charge could carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Ectopic pregnancies comprise roughly 1 to 2 percent of all U.S. pregnancies, according to a 2020 study published by American Family Physician. Those that grow and cause the fallopian tube to rupture account for 2.7 percent of all pregnancy-related deaths in the country.

Missouri state Rep. Keri Ingle (D) pointed out that Seitz’s bill would criminalize those devices or drugs used to treat ectopic pregnancies, according to Newsweek

“Do you know that one of the one of the medications that you’re trying to outlaw is one of the main drugs given to an unruptured ectopic pregnancy?” she asked him, per the outlet.

Ingle said that very “pro-life” people she knew had undergone treatment to terminate ectopic pregnancies and would be “horribly offended by the language in the bill,” Newsweek reported.

Seitz said that the bill would not prevent the legal use of ectopic pregnancy treatments, except in cases in which a woman was a victim of sex trafficking or was outside the care of a hospital or doctor, according to Newsweek.

“They don’t have the hospital machinery to tell if this is an ectopic pregnancy,” Seitz said to Newsweek. “They might just think it’s a normal pregnancy, and they want to abort that child. I would like to see that sort of unlawful activity stopped.”


10 thoughts on “Missouri bill seeks to ban terminating life-threatening ectopic pregnancies

    1. Hello Nan. They are admitting they see the life of the living woman is worth less than the possible life of a new boy (hopefully) or a better younger female (the current one is too old and not compliant enough). The life of the woman incubator is not important, her wants, needs, feelings are not important. What is important is the possibility of getting a new male or a moldable female. They know these pregnancies kill the woman but she is not worth allowing a loophole to the no abortion law. They call themselves pro-life yet they are OK with the death of a living woman because to them her worth is only as a second class person who is to serve them, provide for their sexual needs, and incubate their babies. That is how they see females. Even the female pro-life ones like SCOTUS justice Barrett. Her church teaches she is less than any man, and she is to obey and do as she is told. She is to accept her position and that her fetus is worth more than she is.

      That drives me crazy, I hate that idea in its entirety. The idea that straight white male Christians are a superior people is unacceptable to me.

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      1. It’s more than unacceptable! it’s cruel and heartless. But hey! It confirms their “dedication” to their anti-abortion stance. And that’s what’s important (along with your thoughts, of course).

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          1. Hello Nan. I read your comment about the email a few hours ago, found it, and responded. Did you not get it? Let me know if I should send it again. My printer was offline all day yesterday and worked on solving that until I fell asleep at my desk. Let me know if you got my email, thanks.


  1. These ignorant deep woods hillbilly politicians and beyond dumb as dirt. Then I see this guy Brian Seitz is from BRANSON… don’t get no more redneck moonshine wet brain than Branson. I can hear the Deliverance competing banjos playing.

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    1. Hello starvingcartoonist. 😀😁😃😋😳🤪 But I think most of it is driven by the ego of white straight Christian males who think their lives are worth more because they are gods chosen and others are left to lower levels based on how they serve the straight white Christian men.

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