A Titus tweet sent to us from Randy. Thanks Randy

Magats and “No matter what” republicans, can you hear me out for a sec? Then you can call me a libtard snowflake or whatever new slur Tucker is making you Parrot
Let’s break down the difference between the parties and analyze their records, let’s talk about their policies. Cool?

Throughout history, at least back until Eisenhower, the Democrats have grown the job base, the GDP, got you health care. They invested in education and roads, they invested in new tech and they stood for all men created equal, in voting, employment and housing. They care.

The numbers are clear & stark. I’m a democrat not because of pronouns and trans bathrooms. I’m a democrat because I do better financially, I’m more free, my tax dollars come back to me in services and not making already rich guys, richer. My speech is free and my body is mine.

I’m a democrat because they look to the future and believe what science tells us about the past. I could have stopped at “believes science” because damn are you Reps ignorant when it comes to that demon science. The dems move things forward, face facts, meet the needs for all

They mobilized vaccines and aren’t snowflakes about getting a shot to help the country get back to normal. They aren’t pissed about a tiny mask so we don’t kill grandma. Reps don’t even think there’s a problem but we’ve had 1M excess deaths since covid. Dems care about ALL of us.

Republicans send us backward, every time. Scream “my body my choice” & make a girl in Texas have her rapists baby. Then sue her. Cut taxes for the rich. Lie, say a country, who didn’t attack us has WMDs, 5500 soldiers die, 3T gone. That we need guns for safety, 32k dead a year

Reps, WANT to get money from corporations, because people hate their policies, poverty GOES UP every time under Republicans, look it up. Bush crashed the economy, Trump crashed the economy. I’m not making this shit up. I specifically vote democrat now BECAUSE the economy grows.

Homelessness goes down, which helps all of us. REGAN started the nightmare we are living in by closing and defunding mental health hospitals. The air is cleaner, the water is cleaner. Dems try to fuel progress, get it morons?“Progressive” There is a reason CON is in conservative

Be clear, I want everyone to kick ass, health wise, and financially, so I will vote for the party that doesn’t use, racism, and hate to divide us. I love the republicans in my family, I just wish they took time to ACTUALLY do their own research. 6% growth, 3.8% unemployment.

So until the republicans change their bullshit policies, if they ever have one, holy shit, we had four years of “infrastructure weak” “ healthcare plan will be ready in two weeks!” Fuck off. The Dems aren’t perfect but they didn’t try to end democracy. hat’s why I’m progressive.

I make more money, my taxes get used for shit I need, not sent to already rich douchebags, on top of that I watch the republicans back up our enemies and vote AGAINST the rights this country was founded on. So until the Republican Party cares about Americans again, I’m out. Peace

Originally tweeted by Titus (@TitusNation) on March 14, 2022.

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