This was a comment from Fgsjr and my response.

  1. Personally, I’d like to see child-development science curriculum implemented for secondary high school students, and it could also include racial- and neuro-diversity, albeit not overly complicated. It would be mandatory course material, however, and considerably more detailed than what’s already covered by home economics, etcetera, curriculum: e.g. diaper changing, baby feeding and so forth. I don’t think the latter is anywhere near sufficient (at least not how I experienced it) when it comes to the proper development of a child’s mind.

    For one thing, the curriculum could/would make available to students potentially valuable/useful knowledge about their own psyches and why they are the way they are. And besides their own nature, students can also learn about the natures of their peers, which might foster greater tolerance for atypical personalities. If nothing else, the curriculum would offer students an idea/clue as to whether they’re emotionally/mentally compatible with the immense responsibility and strains of parenthood.

    Meanwhile, a person can have an unlimited number of children regardless of one’s incapacity to raise them in a healthy manner, let alone according to child-development science. And consequential dysfunctional parenting occurs considerably more often than what is officially known or acknowledged.

  2. Hello Fgsjr. My feeling is that students / children / kids / young people should be given more information not less. All these bills pushed and passed by Republicans are restricting information, restricting knowledge from kids. Why? They seem to be of the idea that if the kids that are not exposed to LGBTQ+ information then won’t be LGBTQ+, and they won’t be supportive of the LGBTQ+ other kids. It is like these people feel that being LGBTQ+ is attractive or better so if kids know it exists, they will do it also. That is silly of course. But I watched the guy who wrote and pushed the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and he made it clear this is not about keeping little kids from learning about sex, he is a real hard core bigot that hates gays and wants them erased from society. He is bothered by same sex marriage, he hates that gays can be teachers, that gays can adopt, and he feels there are far too many of them. Yes too many of them. I posted that he said he was very upset that kids who came out were accepted as OK and not ostracized and bullied like he felt they should be. He said they were nobodies who were treated like celebrities. So when people start to tell you they are planning to restrict information you have to ask why, what do they want to accomplish.

    So the Republicans want to restrict kids from learning about history, diversity, slavery, any US committed wrongs, sexuality, gender, biology, evolution, climate science, and medical science. They are pushing all that under parents’ rights. What I see all these have in common is religion. IMO. US excellence says the US can do no wrong because we are god’s favorite, established by God himself, and all those things I mention are parts of the culture wars that the religious groups are waging and until 2016 were losing. This seems to be part of the Blitz project to return the US to more and more Christian control, more help to fight against the loss of religious privilege. To promote the enforcement of Christian doctrines in the US. What they learned from Russia is if you deny the gay groups a presence and the right to defend themselves then constant attacks on them can change public perception to deep negatives. In Russia gay people were making great advances in rights and acceptance, making the church furious. So they got Putin to make any positive mention of gays where minors could hear or see it illegal on the grounds it corrupted kids. It sexualized kids, it was grooming of kids. It was recruiting kids to be gay. It was denying parents’ rights to teach their kids the morals they wanted them to have, which was gay is wrong and evil. Same basically as being pushed here now by republicans. I wonder if that is why they love Putin? So when the gays went to defend themselves, they got arrested. They couldn’t even show their pride flag. No one could argue against the bill or a pro-gay stance in newspapers, books, TV, online or on any medium a minor could see or hear as that violated the law. It may corrupt that child. Where a minor could see or hear it was intended to be overly broad and vague to mean anything in the public or anything a child could accidently find. It was designed to take the voice way from the marginalized, and it worked. Gay representation in public disappeared. No gay people or programs on TV, none in schools, no support groups or posters at school, no books about gays or gay subjects, no gay people in movies, gays became invisible. No gay internet sites and no gay help sites for gay kids to go to in hopes of understanding themselves. The program worked as far as the church and government was concern, it wiped out the gays from society and returned them to hated status. It did not however stop young people from realizing they were gay. See what these people cannot understand is gays are not recruited, but they are created. But not by other gay monsters. The gay kids are created by straight couples who have kids and some of them will be gay. LGBTQ+, the same sex attraction, the gender ID, and all of it is born within us and formed in the womb. So no matter how hard you deny gay, lesbian, or trans people they will keep being born. But what these groups of bigots do that manage to change the laws to erase the LGBTQ+ from the public like in Russia really accomplish is to make life harder for every gay, lesbian, trans kid / adult that is born. It gives them nowhere to find acceptance, it gives them no medical help, it gives them nowhere to go to understand themselves, and it gives them nowhere to turn when / if they are abused.

    The abuse one is not only limited to LGBTQ+ kids but all kids. Recently a religious group blocked a program to prevent child abuse that taught kids their bodies were their own and they had a right to say who touched them and why. The program taught that if their parents were touching them wrong and making them do sexual acts, they should tell another adult as that was wrong. That was the part the religious group demanded to have taken out and replace with “Parents should be trusted and obey at all times”. Doesn’t that set off alarm bells in your head?

    So In Russia the public acceptance and presence of the gay people has plummeted. No gay pride flags. No gay pride parades. No gay newspapers, those few left were closed down by the state and the people arrested with long prison terms. The polling shows that gay / lesbian acceptance that was increasing yearly has plummeted. When asked why the people have negative feelings toward gay people the response now is that those people are targeting kids for sex, recruiting them to become gay monsters like they are. That is what these Republican assholes want in the US, and in the red states they are getting it. It really scares me. The state I am living in is returning to the way things were when I was a kid and everyone repeated Anita Bryant’s hateful slander of the gays including the teens and adult males who were raping me.

    Fgsjr. Sorry for the rant. This got a lot longer and more emotional than I had intended. I am still having issues from the story I posted the other day. It has nothing to do with you and I thank you for the comment that I could reply to and get these things off my chest. I am going to proofread this, sent it as a reply, and then post it as a post on its own. Your comment was grand. It needs more people to see it. Thanks

4 thoughts on “This was a comment from Fgsjr and my response.

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I once read a bit about the use of failure in science. I went back to try to find that, and while this is only similar it will work:
    “Science fails. It seems to fail at a high rate and with regularity. Experiments go wrong, measurements do not deliver the anticipated results, probes are contaminated, models are misleadingly simplistic or not representative, and some inappropriately applied techniques lead to false positives. One may wonder why science is so successful despite such prevalent failures. The alternative is to suggest that it is successful because of them.”
    When Edison was criticized for failing to find the light bulb as quickly as he hoped, he said he had not failed so much as found 2000 ways it wouldn’t work. But, there is more to science, and in keeping with this post – there is more to our history and our very existence as human beings than the “success” of our target reached. Questions of “is that the best target?”, “is that the only target?”, “did we actually hit the target we were originally aiming for”, etc. How many of us have found a shortcut on the way home from work, or found that the “shortcut” actually took longer – or even that yes, it took longer but was a much more peaceful drive. Innovation, experimentation, development of variables and components, observation, etc., are all part of the drive to success, and refusal to seek to understand and refusal to share WHY something did or did not work is tantamount to demanding ignorance and incompetence.
    Demanding ignorance and incompetency should rarely be the intended result of 12+ years of education, or of life.

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    1. Hello Randy. Why is very important in most things. Often the solution we seek can be asked by asking why three times. But I was listening to Sam Seder today and watched this video. I think you might like it. I will post a bunch of them tomorrow. It is my bedtime now. Night.


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