6 thoughts on “Red Dead No Redemption

  1. HA! The person who made this thinks like I do! IOW, “living” on Mars is a grand fairy tale that pokes at our imagination but in reality has a less-than-minute chance of ever happening.

    Oh I know the space techies will counter my naysaying with their own version of how it’s all going to happen … one of these days. And if I were still going to be around after several of those “days,” I would probably be tempted to go “Nyah … Nyah.”

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    1. Hello Nan. I am shocked that you watched the video. I love his stuff and his humor, but he is a fast talker with a lot of cuts in speech. He has a lot of interesting videos if you like his style. He doesn’t do them as often as most of my YouTube favorites, but when he does it is grand. He did one years ago on the planet earth that was mind blowing. Glad you enjoyed it. As for the science people saying it could or will happen going to settle Mars, that is very possible. I don’t rule out the human spirit. But if the Republicans get their way of driving the US and world back into a new dark age then we won’t stand a chance of getting anywhere much less to another planet. But the real question is not if it is possible but who wants to do it. Who wants to go and live a miserable short time on a harsh planet and die. Harsh existence every day. I enjoy my comfort and what I have too much for that, as do most people, especially the ones that thought wearing a mask was too much to ask of them. Will they go live a life in a spacesuit and helmet? Living on paste for food? Never. Just tell them no beer and they will opt out.


      1. It’s a topic that I find rather interesting. There was a time, many years ago, when I thought we might one day travel to and possibly live on Mars. But as I got older and wiser, I realized the HUGE obstacles humans would have to overcome. Yes, there is a (slim) possibility we might travel there some day in the far future, but living there? Nawww.

        As for his (or anyone else’s) videos … you should know by now, I’m simply not a video fan. But perhaps you were advising others that DO enjoy them … ?

        Oh and by the way … I didn’t watch it in one fell swoop. I stopped and started at least 3 or 4 times.

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  2. And there will be no Rapture. Jesus, their Precious Lord and Master, is not float down out of the sky on a flyoating rainbow unicorn with thousands of spectral helpers on flyoating rainbow unicorns to carry them all away to paradise, to rescue them. Talk about taking the lord’s name in vain.

    There are no more new frontiers, we have got to make it here …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. The future stories all fall into two groups. The dystopian hellscape or the incredible great Star Trek future. But it doesn’t matter where people go we take our nature with us. And sadly a large part of our population needs the rest to keep with the better side of our natures. If left to our own I bet a 1/3 of our population would devolve into lord of the flies chaos warlord tribes in hours of the veneer of society being torn off. The human animal needs a lot of work, but it is not something that 1/3 is willing to do.

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