Joe: No, Trump Was Not Tougher On Putin Than Anyone Else

3 thoughts on “Joe: No, Trump Was Not Tougher On Putin Than Anyone Else

  1. That poor woman had to just sit there and listen to his rant! She most likely agreed with him (considering it’s MSNBC), but still … he really didn’t allow her to utter a single word!

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. I rarely watch and even less post anything from Joe Scarborough. First he is a diehard Republican who hates on anything left of center and is spitting poisonous against anything progressive. That is why I get ticked off at anyone who claims that MSNBC is a progressive network. He was a Republican congressman who lost his seat because back then he was too far right, today he would be far too left.

      Joe Scarborough is a misogynist also and makes no bones about it. Women should know their place and his third wife Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski Scarborough seems to understand her place. If she is talking and he interrupts she stops speaking right away. She never tries to explain what she said, she lets it go, it is the signal he did not want to hear what she was saying. She never interrupts the men.

      The thing Scarborough wants everyone to forget is he was a big tRump supporter. He gave him plenty of free airtime. He was caught on an open mic asking tRump how he could help him more, how he could use his show to promote tRump’s election. It should have gotten him fired, as MSNBC took Olbermann off the air because he gave an unauthorized donation to a Democratic candidate (think it was Obama) without the company’s approval. This is why I think the idea that MSNBC is far left is stupid, most of their hosts are former Fox people or Republicans. After he had a falling out with tRump, tRump spread all the dates that Scarborough stayed at Mar-a-Largo, and tRump claimed Scarborough wanted stuff from tRump.

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