3 thoughts on “AOC Is Right, You Are NOT A Capitalist!

    1. Hello Ten Bears. She is correct. I never thought of it that way because I have been conditions to live and fight for a capitalist system where the very top get the best luxury of life and are thought of as entitle to it, and the rest of the people struggle to survive thinking that if they just worker a bit harder to make profit for the wealthy they also might become wealthy. It is a con job most of us bought into from childhood. Now trying to fight against that programing is almost impossible. It stuns me to see the poorest people vote for Republicans that plan to cut any government support for those same poor people. The poor people vote against their own interest when they vote Republican. Yet they do it. Look at the votes Joe Manchin gets, the BBB would have done wonders for the poor in West Virginia, yet he suffers no backlash from voting it down.


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