MTG’s Nazi Pal Calls For Return To Catholic Inquisitions

“Who said I’m a 21st century man? I’m a 12th century man. Fuck the UN, and the internet, and democracy, You know what democracy has given us? Obesity. Low rates of literacy.

“It’s given us divorce, abortion, gay marriage, liberalism, pornography. That’s what democracy has given us. Ghettos and crime and political correctness. Diversity. Yeah, the track record of democracy? Not so good.

“Catholic autocracy? Pretty strong. Pretty strong record. Catholic monarchy? Catholic monarchy, and just war, and crusades, and inquisitions? Pretty good stuff.” – White supremacist Nick Fuentes, on today’s podcast.

4 thoughts on “MTG’s Nazi Pal Calls For Return To Catholic Inquisitions

  1. Why does his type always think(?) that they will be one of those on top, he would be just another illiterate peasant, lucky to survive past 30 if he wasn’t forced to fight in one of the “holy”wars that his betters sent him on.And if he thinks ghettos are a new thing he needs to talk to one of those Jews that he is worried will replace him.

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    1. Hello Muttpupdad. They are always in the king’s court in their minds, if not the king themselves. It is because they mistakenly think the people of whatever time they want to go to think like they do. They think if they just go back a bit to the 1950s, the 1850,s the whenever time period they will be the popular ones. Why not work to improve themselves to appeal to the people of today.

      I know the above was not clear so let me be more explicit. They guy is a self-admitted Incel. He thinks females are not people like he is, but that they are simply things to provide him with pleasure. Really I don’t understand these guys but that is how they see the world. They fume that they cannot get a woman to date them, and they rate all women on a scale of how they fulfill their fantasy of the perfect sex object. These incels do not worry about making others happy, they only care about their pleasure, and while they claim to want companionship they don’t want company other than for sex. Other than that they want to be with their guy friends. Is it any wonder they want to go back in time to when females did not have a choice and could be taken by force? Rather than work on their social skills, rather than working on their personality, rather than becoming someone a woman would want to be with they put the blame on someone else.

      So that is why they love a church that says a woman must obey, even if that church uses kids for … , they want a time when women were not independent, they want a time when the social system forced women to have to accept these assholes. I get so angry when I see and hear these people. They could have so much if they only tried to be decent people. But they feel so entitled, they are so self centered. They couldn’t survive a day without their privileges, if they had to live as a homeless teen for example. Anyway, some day he will get his, he will be made a plaything for a dominating woman who will put him in his place and make him behave.


  2. “It’s given us divorce, abortion, gay marriage, liberalism, pornography. That’s what democracy has given us.

    YUP! It’s given us the RIGHT to all of these things. IOW, no bible-thumping believer or any other person can come along and prevent an adult human being from living the life s/he chooses.

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    1. Hello Nan. I think I described their view well to Muttpupdad. I think the desire that very control to make people into video game playthings they control. They really do not seem able to handle real life even though from everything I can find on these people they are all privileged in some way. Because they cannot function in a plural society, they attempt to restrict who has rights and authority in society. Rather than work to improve themselves, they claim their failures are because others are allowed to have equal standing to them. Weird way to look at the world when you figure the reason you are not at the top is because other people are allowed to play also? I wonder if that mindset would work elsewhere. I am not at the top of my class because others are allowed to go to school also. I am not the top sports person because others are allowed to play also. How did this way of thinking come to be in the US?

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