2 thoughts on “Snowflake Has A MELTDOWN Over This Children’s Book

  1. Hi Scottie;
    That person seemed so shocked and appalled that the book they may blindly buy could be a book not suitable for their child.
    Ok… If one can’t even manage to read the cover and title of a book before buying it for their child, the “abuse” feared coming from the author is WAY overshadowed by the absolute neglect of the buyer.
    Second; If you have had the tv on while your child was at home, the terms gay, bi, etc., have likely been heard. What else was likely heard? How about abusive language towards others. Violence. Shame and humiliation for sport. Gun culture. Need we go on?

    It sure is a shame when the rest of the world demands their own freedom and equality, rather than accede to some other’s notion of propriety.


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    1. Hello Randy. Yes, especially on daytime TV talk shows soap operas. The fact that kids see same sex couples in commercials is why the fake One Million Moms group tries to browbeat companies to not air them. But as you say, kids see gay people in their daily life, and they don’t care. It is not doing them harm. It is how the bigoted parents / organizations act on the kids seeing it in daily life that causes the harm. The fact is the bigotry is the point for these groups. How many of them support Putin because of his anti-gay stance of nothing LGBTQ+ can be in public where a kid might see it. Nothing LGBTQ+ can be on TV or in movies. So they erase the LGBTQ+ from the country. Easy to make laws against people that cannot even show themselves to fight back. What about the kid in 1st grade who at show and tell hears the kids with straight parents talk of their mom and dad but the kid with two dads or two moms cannot? What message does that send to the kids, that that kid and their family are wrong and don’t belong. Teacher straight couple can talk of his family, his wife, his kids, but teacher same sex couple cannot mention their same sex partner or their kids. Again what message does that send to the kids in school who know that teacher is married but must keep it hidden? These people that make these laws know exactly how the kids will take it, the message they will get. That is the goal, make the kids know that those people are not acceptable. I am so sick of it Randy, it seems the fight never stops. We have to keep fighting for the same things we win and then have taken away from us. Be well brother.


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