The world war is already here. The only question is are we doing enough?

We have sanctioned the president of the attacking country, we have sent arms to destroy the attacking armies tanks, we have given real time intel to help the defender to know where the attackers are.   We are involved!  We are not by standers.  Think if the situation was reversed and we had invaded a country and others were doing what we are to help them, would we see it as being engaged in the war?   Yes we would.   So we are involved, we are engaged.  We are only arguing about how much we want to put in.  Right now we are the teen boy saying we will only put the tip in.   It never works that way.  We need to decide if the 758 billion plus we as a nation spend each year on the US military is worth it.   If not, if we are scared to use them because someone else threatens to use theirs, then we need to drastically reduce what we spend on a useless military and return that money to the people as government services such as universal health care and food / housing / education security.    The US people don’t have these rights because we have such a large military, the largest in the world by more than the next 12 countries, yet we are afraid to say no to the killing of children and old people?  If that is the case it is not worth it.  

7 thoughts on “The world war is already here. The only question is are we doing enough?

  1. Scottie, a “certain person” made a recent comment that the “bleeding liberals” reduced the military budget and that it no longer is as effective and powerful as it once was. True of false?

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    1. Hello Nan. Nope. Google the military budget. Biden boosted the military far above what they even asked for when he became president. Biden has given several tens of billion dollar increases to the military they did not even ask for. The US military budget is now over 800 billion dollars a year if Biden gets his way. Take that out 10 years like they did with the Build Back Better bill that was 1.7 trillion over ten years the military budget is 8 trillion over for ten years. It cost too much for Machin to let the people on Social security have dental and hearing aids but the military gets tens of billions of increases a year. A year. The US military costs more than the next 12 countries combined. So if they have lost effectiveness and power it is not due to lack of money. See Biden’s age and the fact his own son was a military officer means he will support funding for the military if there was no money for anything else.


    1. Hello Tildeb. Have you never used WordPress? In order to cut down on spam first time comments must be approved by the blog owner. You are the first time commenter, and I am the blog owner. Now that we have established that, I am a busy person. I do not sit at the computer waiting for each comment to approve or answer. When I get a chance I do the comments. Often I wait until the next morning when I get up, normally around 5 AM and respond to them all. In this case I approved your comment and responded to it. Now after that your new comments will show up. Your old comments like this one I still have to approve as they came in before I approved your first one. So now you know.

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