Ukrainian family: 11-year-old girl shot in face by Russian soldier

Gods fucking damn it do I need to add a comment to this.   I am an old, crippled man and I would have fought for this child.  I will fight for this and all the children there.   When I was in the US army we knew not to shoot kids, we knew not to shoot civilians.   I know some bad members of the military have but there were attempts to punish them.  It was not a practice sanctioned by the entire military structure.  The world once stood together and said never again.  Did we mean it?   How about we do it again, now before more kids die?  

11 thoughts on “Ukrainian family: 11-year-old girl shot in face by Russian soldier

      1. Yes, for generations. Just like WWII and the Holocaust, which affected the lives of our grandparents, parents, and our own generation. I well remember listening to my grandpa tell of his role in the war with tears in his eyes, or my great-aunt Margaret showing me the tattoo on her arm. For me, that kept it alive and real. But, they are all dead now and for my own children and grandchildren, the stories are not as real, as personal. But to your point … it is indeed a country of broken children and it will last for lifetimes … but I wonder in which way? Will it make them kinder, more compassionate people, or will it leave them bitter and angry? Perhaps only time can answer that question.

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        1. Hello Jill. I wish I had been able to post the stories of the welcome the Ukrainians have been getting in Poland and how the country has been giving kids classes to get them back into schools. I cannot imagine that happening here. Poland has taken in well over 2 million refuges. The US announced we will take 100,000 and we act like it is a major sacrifice.

          Jill the stories of your grandparents and family members are important to keep alive as best we can. When there is no one left to tell the stories of the holocaust it loses its horror or authenticity. Look how many simply deny it happened today. I think it should be mandatory in history class but in Florida it is one of those don’t make kids with Nazi parents uncomfortable subjects that are banned from classroom discussion. Best wishes and please stay healthy.

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          1. Like you, Scottie, I cannot imagine that happening here. Refugees here are treated like intruders by far too many who will chant “Send them back” and claim they are taking jobs, tax dollars, etc. Truth is, this nation is a nation of refugees and refugees have added more value than most people realize.

            I think our education system needs a major overhaul at the federal level that includes the true history of not only this nation, but of the world. That includes cause and effect, for otherwise how do we keep from making the same mistakes over and over again. I don’t really care if it makes kids ‘uncomfortable’ … it SHOULD make them uncomfortable enough to vow never to allow those things to happen again! Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    There are people, term used lightly, who push for revolution in this country. They want a war of change, and think it justified. I would hope they would look at this picture.
    I think I am the least qualified of your readers to make the observation, but in war this picture is not going to be so rare. War makes men and women do things that in other times would be unthinkable, be they like this shooting of a little girl or the efforts people would go through so that doesn’t happen. At the time, it likely seems like a good idea, justified. “They are the enemy”.
    I hope the people who want war will rethink their position. There are things once done that can never be undone, lines crossed that will haunt forever.

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    1. Hello Randy. In war the object is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his. The thing is many tactics are designed to cause injury to those not outright killed. In this case the desired effect is terrorism. They want to drive the people out and make them as afraid as possible. But targetting civilians is a war crime. It is against the agreed on rules of war. Silly as it sounds there are rules to war most of the world has agreed on. Russia is violated them. I personally do not feel we should coddle Russia on this. I do not want to hurt the Russian people but the Russian soldiers willing to do these acts are fair game as are the officers who order them. Also the leaders that demand them.

      OT. Thanks for the stuff on the butt book. I made a post of it.


      1. Hi Scottie;
        Thought you would find that book thing as incredible as I, especially in light of this story above.
        I agree with you that the soldiers and officers, the government in general ! should not get a pass on war crimes. For everyone of the “patriotic americans” who have salivated on the opportunity to detract from our leader in dealing with this international horror show at the hope of gaining brownie points with their own idiot followers while giving love and comfort to our opponents, I would point out that President Biden was strong in his condemnation of Russia’s war crimes while the impotent pumpkin wouldn’t even speak on Russia putting a bounty on our soldiers and set up this war by refusing to send the arms promised years ago. You know, the ones that got him impeached the first time but the republican weenies let off.
        No matter the “rules”, there is no way to do a gentle war. There is no way to kill kindly. Sons, daughters, mothers and fathers don’t come home. Lives are ruined. How many children die, disfigure, or rattle in terror in silent misery? How long before a formerly upstanding young man or woman does something that “seemed like a good idea at the time” only to live in horror at how deeply they have sunk? My point: If you are going to war, if you “love the troops”, sending young men and women off to kill, die, and take part in terrible things DAMN BETTER BE FOR A REALLY GOOD F’ING REASON, because the process is going to be ugly in the best of circumstances.
        I stand with the poor people of Ukraine and hope that stalin/lennin-wanna-be putin gets sodomized by an ICBM.

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        1. Hello Randy. Well said brother well said. I agree with you. I often get so frustrated at the “support of our troops crowd who won’t give any support for the troops. You want to support troops give them more money. Give them decent housing. Give them decent healthcare after they get injured and are out of the service by properly funding the VA. That is supporting the troops. As you say what is not supporting the troops is sending them to be killed and injured for corporate profit. But our elected officials get large legal bribes called donations from defense contractors who live to see wars that drive their profits.


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