Hello TG. I think this is already a world war and everyone has chosen sides. So what sense does it make to half support the side we stand with? It is not going to make the countries on the other side like us any better, we are still helping stop their invasion and conquering of the country we support. Either we want to stop the war crimes and genocide, or no country meant it when we said “Never again” after World War two.

Mock Paper Scissors

The LATimes email thingie:

Ukrainian forces braced for an intensified Russian onslaught against the eastern Donbas region as officials from Ukraine, the U.S. and other countries condemned Moscow over allegations of civilian executions.

A gruesome cleanup was underway in the northern suburbs of Kyiv, the capital, following the withdrawal of Russian troops. Ukrainian soldiers were removing bodies from streets, homes and other sites in the towns of Bucha and Irpin, which had been recently occupied by Russian forces.

Ukrainian officials accused Russia of large-scale killings of civilians, alleging that some of the victims’ bodies in Bucha had been found with their hands tied. Russia has reportedly denied the allegations.

Axios’ email thingie:

Reuters journalists who visited Bucha on Saturday said a mass grave at a church was still open, with hands and feet poking through red clay heaped on top.

Human Rights Watch released a report yesterday documenting…

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