GOP Rep Threatens Disney’s Mickey Mouse Copyright

Breitbart reports:

House Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) wrote in a letter to Disney CEO Bob Chapek he will fight to rescind Mickey Mouse’s copyright renewal over the megacorporation’s LGBT campaign.

Banks wrote to Chapek as the Mickey Mouse copyright will expire on January 1, 2024. Given Disney’s opposition to Gov. Ron Desantis’s Parental Rights in Education Act, and its push to include as “many, many many LGBTQIA characters in its stories,” he cannot support an extension of its copyrights.

Banks explained that Congress had repeatedly extended Disney’s copyright due to intense lobbying from Disney. Now, Disney could lose its copyright renewal when Republicans are slated to hold the House majority after the 2022 midterm elections.

Read the full article. Banks last appeared on JMG when he falsely claimed to be on the Capitol riot committee in letters to federal agencies seeking information to be turned over to the committee.

This is what the party of small government wants.  Complete control over everything.  Complete control over people from forced birth to what is indoctrinated to them in conservative run public schools, to what people can do in the bedrooms and this their genitals, to what businesses can do or say.   That is freedom, right?  Isn’t that why the maga crowd refused to wear masks because it took away their freedoms?   But telling restricting what you can read, say, watch, and what sex you can have along with who you can marry due to the church doctrine is pure freedom.   Not for me.  

9 thoughts on “GOP Rep Threatens Disney’s Mickey Mouse Copyright

  1. There is a certain segment of people in today’s world that are literally stark, raving mad!!!

    Methinks they have way too much time on their hands! Surely if they were performing the TRUE duties of their assigned positions, they would have little time to come up with these RIDICULOUS agendas!

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    1. Nan I would love to agree with you, but sadly I have read up what is driving these bills in red states. Politics. See the Republican strategist polled and barnstormed and figured out that sex mixed with kids in any form activated not only their base but depending on how they framed it the swing votes they needed. So the entire issue is a ginned-up outrage to stoke the Republican base so the Republicans would move in mass against Democrats. Look how it is framed. The left wants to teach your kids sexuality, they want to convince them they can change gender, that it is OK to experiment and do the gay. After all every right wing parent knows their kid is not transgender or gay, they have not been encouraged or taught that at home so why would they. Where would they get such an idea? Why it must be the left pushing that on them, right?

      So it is a political ploy to sway public opinion and make a monster of simple normal feelings and acceptance, just as they did with teaching US history about how black people are treated. They made any mention of racism CRT. That evil socialist evil left wants to teach your kids CRT and make them feel bad by accusing them of being slave owners. No matter how they left / Democrats try to correct that the right wing media keeps pushing that line. I know because I fight it on the right wing cartoon sites. It is all politics to keep people from looking at the issues dealing with the Republican party such as Jan 6th, tRump and his crimes but mostly his having unsecured classified material, the many Republicans in the news for voting crimes and other crimes, but mostly they want to distract the base from the fact that Republicans don’t have any governing polices, they just have culture wars that upset people.


      1. Yes, I understand it’s a “political ploy” — but my point is certain politicians are spending far too much time in the public eye trying to sway things their way. SURELY there are laws and regulations and votes that require their attention. Instead, they stand in the public square and make noise about SOCIAL issues that, essentially, have NOTHING to do with running the government of this country.

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        1. Hello Nan. On that I agree except I don’t think they are trying to sway as they are pandering to what they know excites their base. I don’t think most of them even bother with policy anymore, at least not on the right. They won’t talk policy on news shows they just bash Biden, Democrats, and talk wedge issues. They rarely answer direct questions. Too many on the right are depending on tribal politics keeping their base voting for any R regardless in the general elections and in the primaries it is the culture issues / who loves tRump the most that the base wants to hear not policies. Then you have the stars of the Republican party that are only trolls and media hounds, such as Marge Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and that crowd. The love the limelight and have no interest in policy, just power. The congress people spend their time raising money and doing what the big money donors say. I wrote earlier that the Republican party no longer feels it is to do the will of the public, instead they feel it is their right to force the people to do what the party / big donors want. Running the country for them means letting big business have all they want.

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          1. Yes. I agree with all you wrote. But again, my question is WHEN do they find time to actually do the job of discussing and voting on the many policies and issues that are before them in Congress? It seems they spend more time in front of the cameras screaming their biases than doing the job they were elected to do.

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            1. Hello Nan. You question is a good one and it is based on the idea of what we think their job is and should be. Debating bills, writing them, reading them, being deliberative and studying the subjects of the bills. But that is only what the people see as their job. Congress people see it differently. They have staff for that silliness. They see their job as schmoosing and raising money. They see the biggest part of their job as staying in office. They vote mostly by part. They have a party caucus on the phone, leadership says vote for this bill or don’t vote for it because it will be good for us, and the congress people of that party do as the leadership says. If they balk, then the leadership pays them a visit to first cajole and then lean on them. They job is to stay in the job and make money and power for yourself. It no longer is about what is good for the country or what the public wants. It is sad and it leads to bad laws getting passed for very bad reasons. The 2017 tax cuts for the rich was so quickly written to give away as much money as possible to the wealthy that they had written hand notes in the margins incorporated into the law. Not even typed up versions it was moving so fast. All the democrats complained at the time they got like four hours to read and decipher the bill before the Republican slammed it through. And it is all because of money in politics.


              1. Scottie, I get where you’re coming from. But I still think there ARE individuals in Congress who are doing the job they were elected to do. Yes, there are the glory hogs and money-grubbers, but I just don’t think that includes everyone.

                Plus, you wrote the democrats complained at the time they got like four hours to read and decipher the bill — which, to me, indicates at least some of their time is (or should be) reading and studying legislature.

                And this takes me back to my comment about those that hog TV time.

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                1. Hello Nan. Yes you are correct that a few do take the job for what it should be. No blanket statement could encompass the entire congress because it is two different parties and in the Democratic party different ideas / ways are tolerated while in the Republican party differing from the set parameters is not. I would say the ones taking the job seriously and working for the good of the country are mostly the progressives, with a few of the others doing so. But the Democrats complaining about a tax giveaway to the very wealthy shouldn’t really surprise anyone. No matter what the complaint is the real issue is about showing the other party is bad and in the pocket of the wealthy. Yes I know I brought it up as the example but I was showing that there is no time to read the bills. The question is how many in congress respect the job as representees of the public or to do the right thing for the country? What do you think? I really don’t know. I can think of maybe 12 off the top of my head out of over 500. And two of those are iffy. So I am interested in what you think? what about your congress people, do they take the job seriously. I have a couple house Reps that do, but our Senators are Rubio and Scott. They like all of the Republicans from the state I live in do not think their job is to represent the people, they are in it for the money. Rubio has openly said he hates the job and doesn’t want it. He rarely even attends anything including votes unless it is needed for the party to win. Anyway I look forward to your ideas as like I said I can only think of a few.


                2. I’m not one to get into this heavy-duty as I’m just not that ‘into’ politics as you are. My comment was more of a general observation. As for close-to-home … as you probably know, this state is controlled by Democrats so yes, from all indications, the DO take their positions seriously.

                  I guess that’s one of the big differences between the two parties. The Dems tend to put their nose to the grindstone and do things to try and help their constituents whereas the “other side” is too busy primping and preening and creating dissent to actually help their people.

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