Sean Hannity Cleverly Trolls Donald Trump

4 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Cleverly Trolls Donald Trump

    1. Hello Nan. They wouldn’t believe it if they seen it as you say. Because why believe their eyes and ears when their faith is so strong in the cult leader. Some of them still think he is president despite all the evidence that Biden is.


        1. Hello Nan. They will say he was saying he lost because it was that super smart political chess he is so well known for in their circles. He was doing it so the FBI could have time to round up the bad Democrats and put them in Gitmo. Thomas’s wife thought they were going to put Biden and his people on a Navy boat to Gitmo after Jan 6th. The story was that the DOJ was ready to move and do it. So no his true blue followers do not think through what they say they believe. I seen a video where the interviewer led a couple down the rabbit hole of what they were claiming until he asked the question they couldn’t reconcile with their statements prior. They did not change their minds they simply stood there unable to figure out what to do now that they were caught out.


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