Tucker Carlson: Why Aren’t Men “Thrashing” Teachers?

Media Matters has the transcript:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I don’t understand where the men are. Like where are the dads? You know, some teacher’s pushing sex values on your third grader why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher? Like this is an agent of the government pushing someone else’s values on your kid about sex, like where’s the pushback?

The Daily Beast reports:

Carlson has made comments like this before. Last month, while defending Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill—which is now law—the Fox News host said that teachers who discuss gender identity with students “should be arrested” and “beaten up.”

The legislation’s passage came as many on the right have charged, deceptively, that it’s necessary to prevent “grooming” kids.

In response to Carlson, Vance criticized the “crazy lunatics” he deems responsible for the hypothetical scenario the Fox News host described. “I mean I agree with you [that] there should be a ton of pushback. I’m the father of three young kids and I would get enraged if I found out this was happening at my kids’ school,” Vance said.


6 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: Why Aren’t Men “Thrashing” Teachers?

    1. Hello Muttpupdad. Agreed. Does his regressive couch potato warriors release what he is saying? Solve your problems by beat the crap out of anyone you disagree with. Don’t like your neighbor’s political views smash them around a bit. Don’t like god not being taught, charge the school and kidnap the teacher. You may remember the last time he was talking like this during the Covid mask wearing in schools two guys went into a school with zip ties and heavy tape to kidnap the principal and charge her with a citizen arrest. So this anti-social uncivil talk has already gotten teachers threatened. Scare time to be a teacher.


  1. Hi Scottie;
    I just wanted to clarify a couple of things I just heard:
    A: 5-year old’s are going into the magic closet as boys and coming out as girls
    B: teachers should be thrashed for indoctrinating these little students
    I’m not quite sure I didn’t imagine that this idiot didn’t just promote violence in response to the most impossible of provable things, but more that he just found a way for parents to blame their child’s homosexuality, something they surely won’t really know of for years, on a teacher struggling to teach fundamental things like reading and raising one’s hand and – let’s face it, K grade teachers often are dealing with even potty training issues and such. One has to wonder how they have time to get all that education in while still turning a kid gay.
    Somewhere a parent is going to go do something stupid and blame a teacher for turning their kid gay, become physical, and I really do hope they quote *ucker for the urging of that violence.

    Hugs from a surreal world

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    1. Hello Randy. Well said. But it has already happened that Tucker has gotten teachers assaulted. Remember during then Covid masks in schools issues I posted about two maga guys videoing themselves going to a school with zip ties, rope, and tape to civilian arrest the principal? The got arrested but scared the woman principal pretty badly along with the other teachers who were afraid the guys were armed. Seems to me what the radical right wants is a country rum by might is right. A country where the people with the most guns and the biggest gang … sorry the biggest militia gets to set the rules. Don’t like that the school board is meeting to discuss setting a policy you don’t like, go threaten them, shout them down, make them afraid. Why have the rule of law when you can use fear and force to coerce others into doing what your gang wants? Scare isn’t it. Not the enlightened world of Star Trek or the utopia I was hoping for.


        1. Hello Nan. Too busy nursing their hatreds, trying to gain more money they don’t need and will never spend, and working for even more power to force others to live as they want them. They are too busy proving their god is the greatest and showing their love for that god by mistreating their fellow humans and demanding things be as they were 2,500 years or more ago in the past. Because nothing honors those gods than maintaining tradition in the face of new advances in understanding in all subjects. God likes stupid backward uneducated uncaring mean people I guess.


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