6 thoughts on “Researchers paid Fox viewers to watch CNN. Hear what happened

  1. First, as I’ve complained about before — CNN’s closed caption STINKS!!!!!! If they offer it at all, it tends to be just a jumble of letters that don’t even make words! Only VERY occasionally is it offered/readable.

    Second, it would have been nice to READ this information so one could look closely at the tables that were only briefly shown on the video — and weren’t all that clear.

    Third, why does this information not surprise me? Of course most of us have known this for a very long time, but it is good that SOME people have become aware that their “go-to” station has been pulling some very thick wool over their eyes.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes I agree it is best to have a wide variety of news sources. As you can see I have left wing, far left, right wing, sadly have to wade through some far right stuff, and a lot of corporate media that tries to be center right or left but in truth is pro-business / large corporations. The sad truth is in the US all large media has either a corporate parent company or in the case of radical right they have big money right wing sugar daddies paying them to push the right wing talking points. Such as Prager U the radical right YouTube channel used to push a Republican view point as common sense education is funded by the Mercers to the tune of 36 million a year last I looked. I am stunned at how much more the right wealthy are willing to spend on getting their views or their message they want people to hear / see. If the left had people willing to fund that same kind of messaging it might be a fair fight, but right now it is one side has all the big weapons and bullhorns and the other side has whispers and bloggers to push their message. It is not an even playing field. It is like the Republican gerrymandering; the left must do twice as well / much to win.


  2. Hi Scottie and Nan;
    If I heard correctly, the researchers found that the people who watched faux news but went to CNN when paid to do so returned to faux news after the month, concluding that people watch what they want to watch.
    People vote for folks like trump, mgt, gaetz, paul, mcconnel not just because faux news told them to, but because that is what they want. It’s a very disappointing realization.


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      1. Hello Nan. That is true. But with Fox and other right wing media it is different than just bias. I have read of studies done on Fox viewers using medical tests. It seems the emotional high they get from the ramping up of their outrage causes pleasurable chemicals to be released into the body. Fox ramps up the rhetoric and anger all through the day and the opinion hosts at night push it over the edge. It becomes something they crave and need more of every day. That is why it is so hard to fight the disinformation.


    1. Hello Randy. Yes that is true. tRump did not create the thugs and bigots of the Republican party, instead he freed them to be their true self. These people had to stay sort of in the shadows in public and at work or they would be looked down on, refused service, and possibly fired for being racist bigots at work. Now they feel entitled to do these things and feel they are the real aggrieved party. They are supported by right wing media, foreign governments like Russia, and by Republican politicians like Marge Greene and the rest of the trolls some of whom you mentioned. Sad what the US has become. It makes you look at people you know who watch Fox with different eyes, doesn’t it? Hugs


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