NBC NEWS: Texas school plans to oust a teacher who fought for LGBTQ rainbow stickers

Texas school plans to oust a teacher who fought for LGBTQ rainbow stickers
A battle over rainbow stickers at a high school near Dallas has hobbled the Gay-Straight Alliance and left LGBTQ students feeling unsafe.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/Az3XCGhWqRVyZRGaEH6yG_Q

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6 thoughts on “NBC NEWS: Texas school plans to oust a teacher who fought for LGBTQ rainbow stickers

  1. t all started with teachers posting small rainbow stickers — long a symbol of the gay pride movement — outside their classrooms to show students that they were LGBTQ allies.

    Personally, I think this was a very bad move on the part of the teachers. Essentially, it was an “in-your-face” action and should NOT have been done at a school. (ESPECIALLY at a Texas school!!) Teachers that want to “educate” their students on the topic can always let them know they are available outside the classroom to answer questions. To “advertise” on school grounds is not a good move.

    Yes, I read about the “bullying” part, but this kind of thing has gone on among kids for years and years. It’s just that now it tends to be centered about sex issues.

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    1. Hello Nan. How does prejudice get combatted and changed? By making it failure, non-threatening, and showing it is OK and normal. How many elected Republicans changed their stance on gay rights when their kids came out as gay? I would use Rob Portman as one of the most prominent. Family values champion anti-gay all the way. Until his college age son, the apple of his eye, publicly came out. He realized the stereotype he was pushing was not his son, and the one he was preaching discrimination against was his son.

      Schools have long been teaching grounds of new ideas of thought and acceptance. Schools often put up posters and stickers of accepted things they want kids to acknowledge, to understand is OK and acceptable, and are considered normal. I would point out Republicans are passing laws that force the words “In god we trust” posted in schools along with the ten commandments? At a time when gay kids are being attacked with don’t say gay bills I think it is vitally important to let the kids know they have allies and safe spaces.

      Nan right now it is a small minority of right wing and religious groups pushing these don’t say gay bill. I have talked about what they did in Russia in stopping and reversing acceptance of gay people. We must be vocal and loudly vocal in standing up to these laws. That is what these teachers did. Let me explain why. Right now spokespeople on the right are going out of their way to say any teacher that oppose these don’t say gay bills are pedophiles wanting to groom / molest your kid. The Florida governor’s spokeswoman also used that line of attack that normal people love these bills and only those wanting sex with kids oppose them. When called out on it she doubled down with support of Deathsantis. I am going to add a video here to show you what I am talking about. The person doing it is not my favorite as he gets excited instead of being an even speaker about issues. But he is right. You don’t have to listen to him if you don’t want to but listen to how Canace Owens a right wing darling is framing the fight. This is why those teachers putting up stickers and why we must be vocal is the right thing to do and important. Those teachers with those stickers were the version of black people welcome here signs in the south in the 1960s. Should those shop owners and those whites being in your face with the anti-black haters been quite, been told they should have known better?

      This video below really makes it clear. This one is easier to watch and hear. I would ask you watch it.

      I decided to make a post of these videos. After you watch them please tell me if you think the left and those supporting non-discrimination should be more reserved?


      1. No, Scottie. I’m not going to watch them. And I disagree with your stance on this issue with the teachers. TEACHING is one thing … “advertising” one’s personal beliefs is another. And those signs were the latter, IMO. It is NOT their place or part of their employment to post signs on this issue ANYMORE THAN it is for Christian-believing teachers to place the 10 Commandments and/or bible scriptures on the walls of the school. Yes, they often get away with the latter and that’s frustrating as hell, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

        Just because it’s an “issue” in the news and in political circles does NOT mean it should be carried over into other areas. Call me old-fashioned if you wish, but this is a topic that I personally think is WAY TOO MUCH “in-your-face.”

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        1. Hello Nan. It is your right to watch or read what you wish. I suggested the videos because they show how this was a much bigger issue than those stickers.

          You know that in your face thing is used everything something new or different is facing off against tradition. It was said about those icky gays, why can’t just live their life normally and not shove their life style down our throats was commonly asked. Why do they have to be so out about it. Look they wouldn’t have any problems if they just kept it home and out of the office says the guy with his desk covered with picture frames of his wife and kids.

          Heteronormative behavior and religious symbols are all around us every day. They are in our face all the time, but we don’t notice because we are use to them. They seem to always have been there. And there are those that want to make sure those symbols of straight Christians life is all that is seen. They do not want commercials that hint at two same sex people having a family, they don’t want it seen. They do not want gay characters in books or movies unless they are the villains but never the good guys, they don’t want that seen. In Japan it was the law for a long time if you had a gay character, they had to have a tragic ending / fate or otherwise be shown how bad it was to be that way. The traditions must not be rocked, the other way must not be seen. That is why those stickers are needed, why you think it is in your face, why we need rainbow flags, why we need pride marches, why we need out role models. We need to be seen. We need kids growing up to know they are OK and normal in a world that tells them they are wrong. Kids learn their lessons on what is good and bad by picking up on societal clues. If you never see anyone like you then something is wrong with you. If you never see someone like you in positions of leadership or power then you think you can never be in those positions if you don’t hide who you are.

          Gays did not become excepted in society by the majority of people by being quiet and hiding. They changed the opinions of being gay by being out in your face demanding equal rights and tolerance. That is again the fight that is happening now. History is repeating. Shrinking back lets the haters and religious zealots win. We must not allow that. Right now they are having a resurgence restricting women’s rights and asserting control over females bodies. They got that by being in your face about what they believed on abortion. They marched with aborted fetus placards, they shouted at every meeting about it, they made laws that were illegal but got approved and then made even stricter ones following the first. They did not get abortion overturned by being meek and mild, having nice discussions about the subject. They have been in your face about what they wanted. Shouldn’t the people working to prevent discrimination also be visable and vocal about it?

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          1. Shouldn’t the people working to prevent discrimination also be visable and vocal about it?

            NOT in a public school. Protesters of all colors and creeds can and do march on public lands and streets, but schools are generally funded by bonds and other community sources (unless it’s private and that’s a whole different animal) so IMO, it was wrong.

            I understand your passion related to gays (and other gender issues), but personally, I don’t think “in-your-face” strategies are the answer. Yes, the issue needs to be kept in the public’s eye, but winning by force will never bring about FULL acceptance. There will always be that under-current of dissent — which you yourself have continued to experience even though the “law” has made it acceptable.

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    2. Hello Nan. I forgot to address one thing you wrote, which was teachers should meet the students out side of school. Oh boy during a time where the right is vocally and loudly proclaiming as the videos below show that the teachers are openly trying to groom, recruit, and molest kids having the kids meet with those teachers else where would really play into the hands of the right wing. In a time when Fox news calls even the supreme court nominee and the three Republicans who supported her pedophiles I don’t think meeting kids off campus is a good idea at all. As Beau says, it is just a thought.


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