See troubling discoveries inside Chernobyl after Russians fled

2 thoughts on “See troubling discoveries inside Chernobyl after Russians fled

  1. Scottie, when the invasion took the Russians back to Chernobyl, it scared me then and still does. The nuclear fall out back in the late 1980s was badly handled and reeked of disinformation as other countries were in danger and not told they were. So, seeing a country with a leader who disinforms people, have something to do with Chernobyl again is scary, especially for the Russian troops and Ukraine civilians and troops. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I was stunned that the Russians did not even know or understand what the place was. They were never taught about it as it was banned information in Russia. The Russian troops laughed at the warnings from the people working at the plant. They did not believe them and thought it was false information. But the leaders knew. They sent these kids to their deaths for no valid reason at all. They stirred up that radiation to blow all over. That was the point. That was the threat Russia wanted to send to the world. Don’t try to stop us or I will send radiation toward you even without using a nuclear weapon. The Russians plan to make possibly spreading radiation a threat to hang over the heads of European leaders.


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