HUFFPOST: GOP Pollster: Republican Leaders Are Mocking ‘Child’ Trump Behind His Back

GOP Pollster: Republican Leaders Are Mocking ‘Child’ Trump Behind His Back
Trump “isn’t the same man he was a year ago,” Frank Luntz told The Daily Beast.

Read in HuffPost:

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4 thoughts on “HUFFPOST: GOP Pollster: Republican Leaders Are Mocking ‘Child’ Trump Behind His Back

  1. Scottie, interesting. They are just being more open about feeling they can say things with impunity. But, the key difference I have from what this title says, is the following. Donald Trump is the same person he has always been. He has long been known for being largely untruthful. He has long been know for having a fragile ego. He has long been a racist, con-artist and cheat per the words under oath by his attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen. Trump is not different, his schtick is just starting to wear thin. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree. For me the important thing in the article was that tRump is visibly losing the hold and power over the party he once had. That is important. And also scary. tRump was an anchor dragging the Republicans down. Without him they are more free to act in ways that disguises the harm they want to do. But I do love that tRump is becoming a powerless nobody in the party, the very thing that terrifies him. That politicians feel free to openly and publicly disagree with tRump and even say stuff against him makes me happy because I know it infuriates him.


    1. Hello Nan. Doesn’t it feel good to see tRump losing ground in the Republican party? I am enjoying his fall from complete authority over the party to being forced to watch them say and do things he hates. I also love how small his rallies have become and that more places in Republican run areas are rejecting his requests for rally spots. Ah how the mighty are starting to fall.

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