VOX: The Supreme Court’s “praying coach” case, explained

The Supreme Court’s “praying coach” case, explained
Kennedy v. Bremerton School District is the culmination of 60 years of fears about religious coercion by public schools.

Read in Vox: https://apple.news/A68tEpYFLRHmjEj3XY97nSg

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2 thoughts on “VOX: The Supreme Court’s “praying coach” case, explained

  1. What would happen if a student happened to be a Muslim and went to one of the coach’s “prayer sessions,” rolled out his rug, and did one of his obligatory prayers? Methinks the “good Christians” would do one of several things … make fun of him, speak ill of him (because of his faith), or perhaps even “pull the rug out from under him.”

    But based on the Constitution, he has as much “right” as any Christian. Of course, the “true faith” believers disagree.

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    1. Hello Nan. Very true. The real fear is this current SCOTUS is very religious and has shown they vote to favor religion over every other group including other laws. They have endorsed the idea that the worst kind of discrimination is discrimination directed at religion. They allowed an adoption agency that was receiving tax money to operate to refuse to place children with gay couples who otherwise qualified because religious rights take precedence over any other rights they ruled. That same adoption agency then refused to serve Jewish people saying they only would place kids with Christian parents, but they are still demanding taxpayer money from the state. That case is still in the courts. At that point the Christians on the court will have to decide to be openly for just one religion or all religions. I am worried, but this is what happens with you fill the courts with ideologs. You get a theocracy in development.

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