Puberty blockers can literally save the lives of transgender teens, new study confirms

I have a doctors appointment this morning that may take most of the morning.    When I get back, I will be doing some more reading and posting on the Sweden / puberty blockers issue.  It has been hyped by the right as proving their point.   I guess that makes sense if you think the red states passing fetal heart beat bills means that there is a heart in a 6 week old fetus.    There is not, but the Republican led states keep claiming there is.    So are they correct.   The anti-abortion folks think so.   Same bias is working on the Sweden issue.   More later.  

Protect trans kids sign

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Puberty blockers can be “life-saving” drugs for trans teenagers, according to a landmark study that is the first to examine access to puberty blockers and suicide risk.

The study, published in medical journal Pediatrics, found that if trans teenagers have access to the medication their chance of suicide and mental health problems significantly declines.


Access to puberty blockers for a trans teen who wants them reduces their likelihood of trying to die by suicide in both the short and long term, the study found, as well as significantly reducing their likelihood of experiencing mental-health problems.

Multiple medical associations, including the Endocrine Society, have guidelines recommending doctors offer trans teens pubertal suppression therapy, also known as puberty blockers, which has been a treatment option in the US since 1998.

Puberty blockers delay puberty until a trans teenager is old enough to make decisions about having gender-affirming medical treatment.


“Historically we have known the puberty blockers are safe and effective and this is totally reversible, so the benefits far outweigh any risk. It is sort of a no-brainer to make these available in these circumstances,” said Dr Michelle Forcier, an associate professor of paediatrics at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, who was not part of the study.

The research comes as a dozen states in the US are promoting bills that focus on young trans people at the urging of conservative advocacy groups.

These bills include barring doctors from providing certain gender-related medical treatment to young trans people, including puberty blockers, and banning young trans people from playing school sports.

Forcier added that nobody would deny a child with asthma their inhaler, or refuse cancer treatment for a child with cancer, yet some parents still express reservations about puberty blockers.


She wants to remind these parents that pausing puberty is a “life-saving option”, she said.

“By not allowing their child to use these drugs, that is not a neutral option,” said Forcier. “This is why this paper is so important. This access is associative into adulthood and is important for safety. We know that access can offer protective effects. This is something that will help a parent keep their child safe.”

Dr Rachel Levine, a practising paediatrician in Pennsylvania, said this new study is important because it’s the first to specifically show the link between access to puberty blockers and a decrease in suicidality.


“It is very important for medical professionals to understand scientific studies like this,” Levine said.

“It is also critically important as far as policy,” she said, “that policy makers do not get in the way of medical standards of care.”



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4 thoughts on “Puberty blockers can literally save the lives of transgender teens, new study confirms

    1. Hello Polly. Says who please? Who says a child has to go through puberty of a gender they are not? I cannot believe you quoted / linked to the fake doctors group started by religious bigots to fight against people like you and me, the gays and lesbians. It was formed to promote conversion therapy. I guess you are going with the enemy of my enemy thing.

      The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a socially conservative advocacy group of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in the United States. The group was founded in 2002. In 2005, it reportedly had between 150 and 200 members and one employee; in 2016, it reportedly had 500 physician members. The group’s primary focus is advocating against abortion and the adoption of children by gay or lesbian people. It also advocates conversion therapy.

      The real pediatric group is the American Academy of Pediatrics.

      The Academy was founded in 1930 by 35 pediatricians to address pediatric healthcare standards.[2] It has 67,000 members in primary care and sub-specialist areas.[3] Qualified pediatricians can become fellows (FAAP).[4]

      The Academy runs continuing medical education (CME) programs for pediatricians and sub-specialists. The Academy is divided into 14 departments and 26 divisions that assist with carrying out its mission.

      The AAP’s website with child health information for families can be found at It has the largest pediatric publishing program in the world, with more than 300 titles for consumers and over 500 titles for physicians and other healthcare professionals. These publications include electronic products, professional references/textbooks, practice management publications, patient education materials, and parenting books.

      The AAP News is the academy’s official news magazine, and Pediatrics is its flagship journal.

      You say let children grow up to become adults then decide because that is what you did. I did not decide to grow up as a different gender. And if you think I had a choice about being gay your crazy. Being gay, lesbian, trans gender, along with the entire LGBTQ+ is not a choice. Period full stop. It is in born, it is how you are formed in the womb. It is the deep personal ID that cannot be changed. You did not decide to be BI or lesbian, you might have chosen to act on it, but those feelings were inside you if you wanted them or not. I did not decide to be gay, I was born gay. It is part of who I am. Trans gender kids are not deciding to be a boy or girl they are sure /positive that they are a boy or girl and they know they are in the wrong body. To say it is a choice not only ignores decades of medical science but echos the religious groups that want to deny all of us LGBTQ+ our rights.

      Think about the transgender girl who has to go through male puberty and develop the very body she is not. She knows she is a girl, she feels it inside deep down in her being, yet she now looks like a linebacker for the Detroit Rams. From the other side is trans boys who have to go through female puberty and develop breasts that don’t match the boy they know they are. Now they have to have surgery to remove them.

      If you cannot see how that is inappropriate to ask of them then I guess you think going through life feeling like you are an ugly woman or a feminine boy when you don’t want to do so is Okay and fine? If that is your standard why have gender at all? How many females spend their lives trying to improve or change their looks to what they think makes them pretty. Now picture them having to undo male puberty on top of that. It doesn’t make sense. But on top of that puberty blockers save lives. Did you not read the article / the post or did you just jump in with a denial comment? If you don’t care that trans kids are killing themselves over having to go through the wrong puberty, then just say so. Or I guess you in a way you did.


  1. Scottie, why not consider the Dutch researchers – who first published (what the US now follows) the ‘Dutch Protocols’ regarding the increased risk of suicide that justifies puberty blockers – who have criticized the repeated and now endemic misuse of their study by transactivists? Why not consider the head of NICE saying this research is being misused to promote children into a life of medicalization without any knowledge of long term effects other than sterility, loss of sex drive, and rise in depression? Why do you intentionally disregard studies of over 100,000 yet promote a study of 44 about feelings? Why can you not see you are just being a mouthpiece for a tiny subset of transactivists with an obvious agenda rather than a distributor of good science information? Why do you continue to claim that ANY criticism of gender ideology as is now implemented throughout medical Colleges is ALWAYS a right wing anti-trans position of bigotry? This zealotry is as unbecoming as it is biased yet presented as if ‘good information’ when it is exactly the opposite in reality. This is a disservice to your readers.


    1. Hello Tildeb. I will tell you why. I looked it up. The reporting on it comes from 4thWaveNow
      A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth. The people against the procedure claiming there is now a huge shift in how the pioneers felt, only it really was one person who wrote more information / study needed to be done. More misinformation.

      It is like watching Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson talk about immigration and wondering why the US has open borders and shouldn’t we hang Fauci for forcing unnecessary Covid procedures on everyone.

      Here is the bottom line. There are always haters and misinformation. But I am not a doctor or medical scientist, and you are not a doctor or medical scientist. The majority of doctors / medical scientists in the pertinent fields of study are against you.

      The majority of these doctors believe the correct treatment is multiple examinations to ensure the patient should be treated with puberty blockers and assisting social transitioning until the age of maturity is reached for moving forward. That is what you have to go on and what I have to go on.

      To deny that is the same as those denying vaccines and masks for covid precautions. You can keep throwing out one fringe doctor or one not in the relevant field or claim this study backs your position, just as the anti-vaccine pro-Ivermectin people who did the same thing. They found bad studies that said they were right. They found doctors, some like eye doctor Rand Paul who claimed to know more than Dr. Fauci and doctors trained in the relevant fields. They were wrong and pushing disinformation and so are you.

      Boy you take the cake. Your constant pushing of misinformation is a disservice to my viewers and something I am forced to constantly refute, which I do. I should just limit comments like Nan wants but so far I feel it important to give people the tools to combat your misdirection. But the truth is if getting what you think is the correct information out there you would be posting this on your blog, arguing your point there. When you said you like to argue and write in a combative style you were not kidding. I think the argument is more important to you than the point. I think you crave trying to force the other person to say you are correct. You have long argued the same points long after there is any real value in the conversation. That is the real disservice to my viewers.

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