VOX: When Russian troops arrived, their relatives disappeared

When Russian troops arrived, their relatives disappeared
A local official and a journalist’s father were abducted. Their families’ stories are part of a pattern of disappearances in Russia-occupied Ukraine.

Read in Vox: https://apple.news/AXE5VBzD0TU-rDshiHM6PfQ

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6 thoughts on “VOX: When Russian troops arrived, their relatives disappeared

  1. Of course it’s sickening to read of these incidents, but what makes me so very, very angry is when I read this — It is a particularly insidious human rights violation — yet NOTHING is being done about it.

    Accusations in any aspect of life are worth … NOTHING — ZILCH — ZERO … until they are followed up by ACTION.

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    1. Hello Nan. I understand your feelings / anger that it seems nothing is being done. Let me assure you that I just watched a CNN video report that other countries are working with Ukrainian officials to document and see that after the war something is done. But more to the point, to really address the issue the US and Nato would have to get actively more involved. We have to stop the air dropping of bombs in civilian areas that go off days later or are tripped by trailing wires designed to kill civilians. We need to stop the shelling of civilian homes and shelters. In other words, we must reclaim the air space over Ukraine and give the Ukrainians control over it. And that is something the naysayers do not want to do. But it does give the idea of the world saying never again and then watching it happen again means the world really never meant it. It was said to make us feel better about what was allowed to happen.

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        1. Hello Nan. I fully agree. At the risk of repeating myself, this is a world war. Nations worldwide have chosen sides and how do we / NATO deny our involvement with all the weapons and money we are giving Ukraine to fight Russia. It really comes down to fear. The fear from the cold war and of a nuclear weapon use. Russia has given vague threats and if they win on this then every country on earth will demand one or more, and those with nuclear power plants will use them as threat weapons. I know that those people full of fear are well meaning but their fear is not well founded in my opinion. The world has moved on. We have to show that threats of nuclear weapons used as blackmail or extortion won’t be tolerated. Or every few years we will be dealing with it again.

          OT. I just posted a video I hope you will watch. It goes to our conversation of discrimination and what in your face actions can achieve. It is Shoulderpads, Killers, and Kisses: Dynasty’s Gay Journey. It shows how through a TV show things got bad for gays on TV due to fear of Reagan and then got better, then seesawed back and forth due to bigotry. It is an informative video.

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            1. Hello Nan. That is sad because it goes right to your question of in your face activism. In this case the video documents how the studios changed their minds when gays took to the streets with in your face activism. It changed the history of gay acceptance in Hollwood and the country. It proves the point that vocal in the media loud activism works. I wish you would have watched it, but it is your discission as it is with everyone’s. But you made the comment and this is my reply. It shows how important it is for even teachers to post rainbow stickers. Best wishes.


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