Mark Meadows removed from NC voter roll amid election fraud investigation

Again with voter fraud it is the Republicans doing it.  This was tRump’s chief of staff. 

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Mark Meadows has been removed from North Carolina’s voter rolls, a move made as the State Bureau of Investigation continues a probe into allegations the former White House Chief of Staff committed election fraud.

Macon County Board of Elections Director Melanie Thibault confirmed April 12 that she had removed Meadows the prior day from the county’s active voter list.

Thibault said she consulted N.C. Board of Elections staff in Raleigh after finding records that Meadows was registered both in Virginia and North Carolina. 

“What I found was that he was also registered in the state of Virginia. And he voted in a 2021 election. The last election he voted in Macon County was in 2020,” she said.

The state law under which he was removed was General Statute 163-57, which says, “if a person goes into another state, county, municipality, precinct, ward, or other election district, or into the District of Columbia, and while there exercises the right of a citizen by voting in an election, that person shall be considered to have lost residence in that State, county, municipality, precinct, ward, or other election district from which that person removed.”

Meadows spokesperson Ben Williamson did not respond to a request for comment.

Meadows, an ex-Asheville and Western North Carolina congressman, former top staffer for President Donald Trump and a leading proponent of the false claim that Trump lost the election due to widespread fraud, has not commented on the allegations since news broke in March that he registered to vote at a single-wide mobile home in Macon County where there is no evidence he ever lived. Meadows voted absentee using that address in the 2020 general election.

SBI spokesperson Anjanette Grube did not immediately respond to a message asking if the change in registration had any significance to the investigation. 

Thibault said Virginia records show that when Meadows registered in that state he did not include information about his Macon County registration. Because of that, Virginia election officials did not notify N.C. officials about the double registration, she said.

It is a normal practice to remove voters such a way, Thibault said.

The registration of Meadows’ wife Debra remains active for the Scaly Mountain address, which neither she nor her husband ever owned.

News first broke of the unlikely voter address with March 6 New Yorker story that cited interviews with neighbors, the owner and former owner who said Debra Meadows rented the home and stayed there a few nights but Mark Meadows was never seen there. 

Macon County Republican voters interviewed by the Citizen Times expressed skepticism a powerful member of the president’s staff lived in the small home with a rusted roof.

An N.C. woman who said she was prosecuted for mistakenly voting while on probation, meanwhile, called for Meadows to face a similar fate.

On March 17, the SBI announced its investigation. That followed a letter from District Attorney Ashley Hornsby-Welch — whose responsibilities include Macon County — to the N.C. Department of Justice recusing herself from the matter because of a campaign contribution she received from Meadows.

More recently, Meadows, a top member of the Conservative Partnership Institute, has stopped speaking at CPI-sponsored statewide Election Integrity Summits. The summits show how to organize “citizen election integrity task forces” to check on people’s voter records to ensure they live where they have registered.

Joel Burgess has lived in WNC for more than 20 years, covering politics, government and other news. He’s written award-winning stories on topics ranging from gerrymandering to police use of force. Got a tip? Contact Burgess at, 828-713-1095 or on Twitter @AVLreporter. Please help support this type of journalism with a subscription to the Citizen Times. 


7 thoughts on “Mark Meadows removed from NC voter roll amid election fraud investigation

    1. Hello Jeff. Yes! So True. But as much as I try to document it the right seems to overlook what their own party people do and attack the Democrats / left. How can we win when they claim we are the horrible people that are stealing the elections on all their media and making voter restrictions laws when in truth they are the ones doing it. I am so frustrated Jeff. If my neuropathy was not so bad, I would stomp my feet. 😀😋 I feel this country is in such danger yet I cannot seem to get others to see that. Any suggestions good friend?

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Keith. It seems the Republicans are correct when they say they know voter fraud is happening … because they are the ones doing it. But as I was telling Jeff their media pushing the line hard without any evidence that it is the Democrats doing all the voter fraud. Their media is like the Russian media on the war Russia started with Ukraine, total misinformation, misdirection, and myth but totally believed because their viewers don’t see anything else. In the case of the radical right, it is because they don’t want to view anything else but that their side is great, wonderful and winning. So what can we do. I try to engage with the right online, but most are not honest actors and are just trolls wanting to pick a fight. So talking to them is a waste of time. I don’t hang out in redneck bars and it would be a bad idea to talk bad of the maga crowd there anyway. So what do we do? How do we keep the country from going over the cliff? I was just glancing at some headlines of stories I am going to post. The right where they have control is doubling down. Abbott in Texas tried to stop good coming across the southern border to raise food prices to make Biden look bad when people couldn’t afford the fresh foods. He did not care who it hurt, it was just good for the Republican party. He gave up when the truckers in his state turned on him for what he was doing. If the Republicans don’t care who they hurt, their voters won’t see any other media / side of the story and the Democrats care too much about people to let the Republicans drive the country over the cliff, what do we do? Sorry but as you can tell I am frustrated today. Best wishes.

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      1. Thanks Scottie. The sad state of affairs is lying can so easily be done with impunity. The reason Republicans have to resort to blatant cheating is the future demographics do not work in their favor. For Republican who disagree with this statement, it was uttered by a former Republican strategist. You mention Abbott, the Texas governor knows Texas is getting closer to purple, so he had to suppress votes. The same is occurring in Georgia and, of course, in Florida where DeSantis is the poster child for cheating. That is what this independent and former Republican and Democrat voter thinks.

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