One Million Moms Vs Credit Karma “Sexual Perversion”

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Credit Karma continues to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle with its liberal advertising choices. The company’s most recent ad, “Limo Valet,” focuses on a pregnant character (a former limo driver) and her current home life with her lesbian partner.

They are living in cramped quarters, which must change before the birth of their baby. Because the lesbian couple is able to monitor and raise their credit score, they have the means to move into a larger space for the family of three to call home. The commercial ends with the two lesbians sitting on the floor playing with their baby in their new home.

Promoting same-sex relationships has nothing to do with marketing a product. Instead of remaining neutral in the culture war, Credit Karma wants to make it clear where they stand on this controversial topic. 1MM spoke out when the company also aired a commercial featuring two gay men in October 2021.

One Million Moms continues to stand up for biblical truth. Romans 1:26-27 is very clear about this particular type of sexual perversion and sin.

TAKE ACTION: If you agree that this commercial featuring two lesbians who are expecting a baby together is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Credit Karma to pull its “Limo Valet” ad immediately. And please share this with your friends and family.

The ad doesn’t seem to be on YouTube.

So let’s start with acknowledging that this is mostly a single woman who constantly uses her religious views to attack everything LGBTQ+ and she is constantly online doing it.  Her following is far from 1 million.   Last I looked it was almost 1 thousand.   Not sure what it is now.  But the thing is she uses her online platform to ack everything LGBTQ+ as anti-family.   We gays or what ever are destroying the good godly set up of god and we need to stop this shit right now.   What is the issue, well anything LGBTQ+ is horribly bad and god will extract revenge especially if it is on TV or in public.   She at one time had a following, but I now look at her mostly as a joke, except her views are gaining traction among the religious.  The religious who want to force their views on how everyone should be have and what our laws in a secular country are about.   That scares me.  


Rebecca Gardner • 3 hours ago

Monica and her ilk are so disgusting that one of the commenters in a similar skreed of hers complained that commercials are also tying to normalize black people.


5 thoughts on “One Million Moms Vs Credit Karma “Sexual Perversion”

    1. Hello Jill. I think the ability for anyone to put their voice online, one the internet for all to see, creates people who are really small minorities to appear bigger than they are. Yes there is a lot of Christians out there, but most of them are not as drastic as the ones I manage to find on the internet. This lady claims to represent 1 million moms. But really she only has a few hundred followers. But the thing is you add her to the hate preachers like Locke, Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, and the Republican crop of politicians that pretend to be preachers or preachers wanting to get into office and push their own hate / bigotry on everyone they dislike and they start to add up. Our job is to point out what they are doing, to make sure they cannot sneak it into office by hiding it. We have to expose all the hate preachers as the hateful people they are so people walk away from them. You do a great job every day exposing politicians and the other haters. We need more voices like yours, the community of viewers including me out there. We need to show people what these haters don’t want them to see. Hugs

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      1. You make an excellent point, Scottie … the internet does amplify the voices, especially it seems those of the most rabid. And I fully agree with you that most Christians are not like the ones we see and hear the most in our daily meandering through the news. About half of my friends are Christians and are decent people — otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends! My late mother-in-law was a very devout Christian, but also the kindest, most compassionate person I’ve ever known. We can’t judge them all by the most vocal few. Thank you for your kind words, my friend … and yep, we keep on keeping on, keep on trying to open a few sets of eyes. Hugs

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  1. the ability for anyone to put their voice online … creates people who are really small minorities to appear bigger than they are.

    And what is the difference between them and those who support “our” views?

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    1. Hello Nan. Good point. I think our side has small voices that represent a larger majority of people. Their side of the fringe elements / groups are more splintered. There are small voices on the left such as mine, but I represent the view of a larger majority of the left than Monica of 1 million moms represent of Christians. She and the other hate preachers are more a minority in the main groups of Christians. I think of it this way. The LGBTQ+ is a minority in the left / Democratic party, but we are widely accepted by the party and the party endorses our views / participation. The hate preachers trying to wipe everything gay /LGBTQ+ off the earth are much more a fringe of Christianity and not endorsed by the main Christian groups nor are the hate preachers welcome to share their views / participate at the main Christian groups events. But I could be wrong. The problem is the right wing media gives the fringe ideas a lot of play and air time. That pushes far more people to the fringe ideas than my little blog ever could. Now if MSNBC would push my stories that would help a lot.

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