Tennessee Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Dead For Session

Please understand what this bill is about.   Bigotry!  Anti-same sex marriage.    It is the religious right wingers thinking that the icky gays stink up their straight marriages by being able to get married the same way they do.   What next separate roads or drinking fountains?   Every horrible apoptotic thing the religious right claimed would happen if the gays could get married has not happened, and they cannot stand it.    They don’t want to share a doorway or hotel with those people.   Let’s make a way the straight good holy people can get married, and we will deny that to the awful gays.   Fear them, fear the gays people they are coming for marriage and equal rights.  That must not be tolerated.   What next, they will have children and be recognized families.   No no we will make laws saying that to mention them in schools is illegal.   They cannot be allowed to use the same stores and shops we do.   We will erase them from the language and then they will disappear never to bother our sleepless nights again.   This sounds silly doesn’t it.   Yet it is happening in red states with Republican leaders and legislatures.   

The Tennessean reports:

A Tennessee General Assembly bill to create a legal marriage pathway available only to straight couples will not advance this year following public outcry over the initial version of the legislation.

After a tough line of questions from Republican colleagues last week, sponsor Rep. Tom Leatherwood on Wednesday said he wanted to send the bill to summer study. The move essentially kills the bill for the session, though it could re-emerge next year.

The bill aimed to create an alternate legal pathway to marriage, allowing opposite-sex couples to file marriage “contracts” based on common law principles that have not yet been legally recognized in Tennessee. The contracts would not be available to same-sex couples.

Read the full article.

Leatherwood’s bill was backed by the Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT), which has appeared on JMG many times over the years for its attempts to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Max_1 • 3 hours ago


Old enough to remember when that label was used against the LGBTQ+ community.
Now, the homophobes “feel” they’re the ones that require special Rights.

Ragnar_Lothbrok Max_1 • 3 hours ago

Posted just 2 hours ago

“Back in the day everyone knew who the homosexuals and others were and just live and let live and as long as they didn’t bother anyone but now we get attacked and called names if they do get what they want. It’s like they’re something special so they need to be treated better and demand they get what they want. Why all the grief over three percent of the population. Why the demand that we have to agree with what they want but they won’t accept how everyone else wants to live or believe.”

-Farmer chat

Ninja0980 Ragnar_Lothbrok • 2 hours ago

Live and let live other then beating us, killing us and ensuring we had no equal rights under the law.

Max_1 Ragnar_Lothbrok • 3 hours ago

Yes… Separate but equal… except it’s not equal.

The homophobes have always depended on that balance of basic Rights being refused the LGBTQ+ community as evidence to support their views against the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a reinforced bias against us. Now that bias has been removed, watch their ways to reclaiming it…

2 thoughts on “Tennessee Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Dead For Session

    1. Hello Polly. Unfortunately they vote. If the hateful ones could only hurt themselves I would agree. But there are also decent people there who are fighting to change the system that is stacked against them. Plus they vote for Republicans and that harms the entire country.


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