Trump To Endorse Vance In Ohio GOP Senate Primary

I post this not because I care who tRump endorses but because I want people to see the way the Republicans talk about anyone not them.   The way they talk about everyone else, the Democrats, the liberals, the average person in the street.   The automatic assumption of their superiority and their being so much better people than others.  Notice there is no talk of policies, no talk of what to do to help the public or even the overseas issues.    It is all hate the other person, as mean and disrespectful as you can be to appeal to the Republican base that loves it when tRump does it.   Do you really think these people will care about you or the country when they get into office?   

NBC News reports:

Former President Trump is planning to endorse J.D. Vance in Ohio’s crowded senate GOP primary, according to three sources with knowledge of his decision.

In recent days, Trump began calling donors and advisers to get their opinion endorsing on the “Hillbilly Elegy” author, but he held off under intense pressure from the rival Republican campaigns of Josh Mandel and Jane Timken, the sources said.

“The Mandel people hit the roof,” one Republican with knowledge of the discussions told NBC News, noting that Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan tried to dissuade Trump on behalf of Mandel, whom the congressman supports.

Read the full article.

Vance has called for banning voting by “childless liberals.” Last year he complained to Fox News when Twitter banned Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Later in that same show, he hailed Kyle Rittenhouse’s “manly virtues.” In January 2022, he falsely claimed that Capitol rioters are being held without charges.


Uncle Mark’s Bad Rabbitude Statistics Palin • 5 hours ago

Yep…his latest ad blames his mother’s drug addiction on “those illegals bringing drugs into the country,” and not the Sacklers who got her hooked on the oxy.

He hated Trump, until Thiel funded his election campaign, and then all his anti-Trump tweets “mysteriously” disappeared.

I guess all Republican political history, like their morality, is revisionist.

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