4 thoughts on “Rotting fruit, spoiled vegetables: How Texas just made the supply chain even worse

  1. From my understanding, the port delays are still happening …? If so, we STILL have transport problems. (Added note … my other-half, who is against unions, blames the Teamsters for the port delays. sigh)

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    1. Hello Nan. I think to blame the union when it was the union that made Abbott back down and stop this is willful ignorance IMO. I mean you have Abbott on TV taking credit for saving Texas from bad drugs and trafficked children by checking each truck, repeatedly, and showing the videos of the Texas state police doing the checking. To then blame the trucker’s unions … well I guess the trucker’s union controls the Texas state police? But that goes back to the issue we were talking about before on what the party is now vs what some people think it is. It is a lot of willful denying of reality. IMO. But there is nothing to be done when it is family and they won’t see what they don’t want to see. To try to force it just creates strife most of us don’t need.

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