Idaho Gov. Brad Little not participating in debate ahead of primary

Ahead of Idaho’s May 17 primary election, Gov. Brad Little confirmed to KTVB on Friday that he will not be participating in any debate for governor of the Gem State.

Ahead of Idaho’s May 17 Republican primary election, Gov. Brad Little confirmed to KTVB on Friday that he will not be participating in any debates for governor of the Gem State. 

In an news release, Little’s campaign manager, Hayden Rogers, released a statement on the governor’s decision to not partake in the televised debates as he runs for reelection: 


“Idaho has the strongest economy in the nation. Governor Little has a proven track record of cutting red tape, responsibly managing the budget and the economy, and providing Idaho families and businesses with historic tax relief and record investments in schools, roads, water, and other areas,” Rogers wrote on Little’s behalf. “Those historic accomplishments and facts are non-debatable.

“Brad Little is hands-down the most accessible Governor in Idaho history. He has made it a priority to meet with Idaho families, businesses, and members of the press. Idahoans know what Governor Little stands for. They know he will continue to fight for them and make our state the place where our children and grandchildren choose to stay.”

Little’s campaign also announced he will not be participating in the debate on Idaho Public Television.

According to Betsy Russell, the president of the Idaho Press Club, this is the first time in more than three decades that the sitting governor has refused to participate when running for re-election.

Little has drawn several Republican challengers, including far-right Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. The governor and lieutenant governor in Idaho run on separate tickets. 

Following Little’s decision to decline participating in the debates, McGeachin released a statement on her social media account: 

“We have received confirmation that Mr. Little is refusing to participate in a gubernatorial debate,” McGeachin said. “IPTV has confirmed it is not a scheduling conflict, rather he just doesn’t want to debate. Once again, he is showing his elitist attitude by refusing to address his record.

Also on Friday, Rep. Priscilla Giddings backed out of a debate for lieutenant governor planned for Monday. She says she believed reporters on a panel asking questions would be biased. Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson has also declined to participate in statewide televised primary debates.

Darreth • 17 hours ago

Slipping inexorably into pure ultra fascism the US will be unrecognizable in just two more election cycles.

kladinvt Darreth • 16 hours ago

With all the election rigging the GQP has committed over the past 2 years, we’re looking at contested elections for the next couple of cycles, but after that, who knows what will remain of the U.S.?

Yves R. Mektin • 17 hours ago

“I won’t apologize for being white!” —– AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers when confronted about meeting with actual nazis.

They’re all being out-in-the-open blatant about their racism now, ever since Trump. No more dog whistles. I haven’t decided yet if their new-ish transparency is a good or a bad thing overall.

3 thoughts on “Idaho Gov. Brad Little not participating in debate ahead of primary

  1. The vote on whether some of Oregon should be absorbed into Idaho is coming up very rapidly. Even though I know there are several things that have to happen before it could become “official,” it’s still scary as hell that it’s even being considered!!!

    Several clear-thinking individuals have pointed out the $$$$$$ that would be involved to “switch” to Idaho laws and regulations, but all the promoters care about is their PERSONAL politics. 😡

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    1. Hello Nan. I don’t understand why those that proclaim to love and adore the US constitution do not want to follow the rules it lays out. Seriously those who want a Christian theocracy / white ethnonational say they love the constitution and claim they want to do what the founding fathers wanted the country to be. None of that is true and against what the founding fathers really wanted to create. Is it all about the need to control and force others to live as their church doctrine or how they imagine the world should be with them in charge? I don’t understand what motivates them. It is like the Federalist Society who are pushing “originalism” legal philosophy that makes the absurd claim that constitution and laws must be judged based on what the words meant at the time they were written, except in the case of the second amendment where that would mean people have the right to own only guns that were around in the time the amendment was written. These judges are on the SCOTUS and are using that idea to shoot down all the progressive laws that have passed in the last century. It is crap, and like I mentioned they do not use it against Republican right wing sponsored bills but push it hard on anything left / liberal / democratic sponsored. To me the same people pushing the carving up of states to create a state of their own wishes are the same type of people. They simply want what they want and they justify it any way possible to get others to go along with them.

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