Corrupt Democrat Flat-Out LIES To His Constituents

Big Pharma shill Rep. Kurt Schrader touted his work in Congress in lowering prescription drug prices in a campaign ad even though he is accepting Big Pharma donations to keep his reelection campaign afloat as well as actively fighting fellow Democrats in lowering drug prices. Schrader flat out lied to his constituents in the ad by saying that he’s fighting to get “big money out of politics” while paying for the ad with Big Pharma donation money.

“In a 30-second TV advertisement filled with footage of adorable dogs, Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), a veterinarian and farmer, touts his work to lower prescription drug prices. Referring to the dogs, Schrader says, “I’m making a real difference for their owners too — taking on drug companies to lower insulin costs, making sure Medicare can negotiate lower drug prices, expanding Pell grants and career and technical education. And I’m leading the fight to get big money out of politics.” But Schrader is not being completely honest about his record on prescription drug price policy. He played a key role in watering down Democrats’ efforts to rein in prescription drug prices. And while Schrader portrays himself as a critic of “big money in politics,” Big Pharma has stepped in with major financial support for Schrader’s bid as he seeks to fend off progressive primary challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. Schrader’s sleight of hand reflects the enduring influence of the biopharmaceutical industry in the Democratic Party, and the difficulty in exposing the sometimes complex ways that politicians advance the industry’s interests.”

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