Maryland School Board Bans “Bullying” Rainbow Flags

These same groups that want to ban the rainbow flags, which simply suggest a safe place for LGBTQ+ students, are very happy with and at times insist that easter decorations go up, charismas decorations, in god we trust mottos, confederate statues and battle flags, pictures of opposite gender couples, things about families such as one man and one woman.   That is what this is all about.   They want to push only their preferred narrative and erase that LGBTQ+ exist.   It is the same with pushing their preferred Christain verses but would freak if Muslims wanted to put a couple verses from the Koran.    Imagine a Muslim teacher wanted to put “Allahu Akbar!” which is ‘God is most great’, next to the Christian “in God We Trust” signs?  I could list more examples, but you get the point.  It is about privilege to display what they think is normal yet stop anything display they think is weird or wrong.  

Fox News reports:

A Maryland school board has moved to adopt a new policy on political symbols that could ban items like the rainbow pride flag in public school classrooms after members said teachers were “bullied” into displaying pride flags that were recently donated by an LGBTQ group. The Carroll County school board has voted to develop a new flag policy that may only allow the U.S. flag, Maryland state flag and Carroll County flags to be displayed in classrooms.

Superintendent Steven Lockard said during Wednesday’s board meeting that the flags were available to any staff member who wanted one and were not forced upon anyone. The local group Concerned Parents of Carroll County said in a statement provided to Fox News Digital that it supported the board’s decision to develop a flag policy. The group recently announced that it was working with Moms for Liberty’s Carroll County chapter to provide an American flag to classrooms in the district.

Read the full article.

And yes, the phrase “shoved down our throats” appears, courtesy of the school board president seen above.


JWC • 16 minutes ago

Chip chip chipping away

DC Tropics • 33 minutes ago

With all the gains our community has made in the last couple of decades, including not just marriage equality but also strong public support for it, I never thought I would see the pendulum swing back so quickly.

Puck • 3 hours ago

Hidden deep in the text banning gay flags it will allow for religious flags on holidays. Just wait! christians can’t help but insert themselves every chance they can.

LeeGP Puck • an hour ago

Religious flags on holidays? Ooh! Next year’s Ramadan/Holi/High Holidays could be interesting

Octoberfurst • 3 hours ago

Don’t these morons have anything better to do? Seriously! It just makes me roll my eyes over the fact that these people get so butt hurt overseeing the rainbow flag. I guess they believe that if little Johnny sees it he’ll immediately want to give little Billy a BJ.

Bungee • 3 hours ago

These same assholes probably gripe about imagined “cancel culture”.

Cel Bungee • 3 hours ago

Of course, they invented the term. Yet we LGBTQ have been cancelled for centuries before we started fighting back in the 60s.

Cel • 3 hours ago

The Christo-Fascists are on a crusade. They’re demonizing, dehumanizing and criminalizing us again as groomers/pedophiles, un-natural, mentally ill and deviant sinners. They want to erase us again and bully us back into our respective closets. NEVER AGAIN!

Octoberfurst Cel • 3 hours ago

Exactly! These fascists are on the warpath and won’t stop until homosexuality is a crime again. At best they want gay people deep in the closet and at worst they want them in prison or dead! We are living in very bad times right now. The religious crazies are trying to take over and we must not let that happen.

ErnestMc TnCTampa • an hour ago

LGBT kids are bullied. That’s not political, it’s reality. The rainbow flag in classrooms or on teacher’s doors lets bullied kids know that they are respected and supported in school. That’s only political in the eyes of those who see protecting LGBT students as a threat to their superiority.

So, people can support banning all “political” flags, but they should be aware of the actual intention behind the rainbow flag, which has nothing to do with politics.

Cel TnCTampa • 3 hours ago

The pride flag is an awareness flag, it is not a political flag, it never has been. They want us to think it is political, it’s not, don’t fall for that. We are not a political agenda, a political party, a political ideology…never have been. We are humans and we exist, that’s what our flag symbolizes.

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