Arizona Republican US Senate Candidate Implies He’s State’s Savior In Ad That Debuted On Easter

More hyper religious people trying to take over secular government for their god.  But they claim to love and be the only supporters of the US constitution that it is clear they do not understand.  Beyond that a Christian who keeps putting “Let’s Go Brandon.” in everyone’s face knowing what it stands for.   Seems real Jesus like to me.  But that is like the church group that thought it was a great idea to sing their favorite Christian songs to a plane full of people during a flight.   They did not care that some people did not have their faith nor their taste in music.    Forcing Jesus on everyone was the goal.    I will post those two stories next.

The Phoenix New Times reports:

Retired energy executive and self-funded political newcomer Jim Lamon is in a crowded field trying to secure the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race.

Lamon is outspending his eight GOP opponents ahead of the August 2 primary, but the latest in a string of controversial television ads rubbed even conservative Christian Republican voters the wrong way.

After 30 seconds of pious platitudes in the new ad, Lamon hints he’s Arizona’s savior. It’s a close marriage of church and state that doesn’t sit right with everyone in his target audience, a departure from previous attempts.

Read the full article.  

Lamon last appeared on JMG for a campaign ad that shows him shooting actors depicting Sen. Mark Kelly, President Biden, and Nancy Pelosi.

Before that, we noted that his debut campaign ad showed him saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

He first came to our attention last June when it was revealed that he had donated over $2 million to far-right and QAnon groups.

Lamon was among Arizona’s fake electors.

Watch the clip.

paganheart • 7 hours ago

Jim Lamon’s ads are the most vile and disgusting political ads I’ve ever seen, and in AZ, that’s saying a lot. His first ad featured repeated “let’s go Brandon” chants. Later he made news for an ad in which he portrays an old west sheriff, and shoots actors portraying President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Kelly (who’s wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, was shot in the head in an assassination attempt. Incredibly cruel.) Now he’s trying to pass himself off as a “good Christian” …I nearly vomited the first time I saw his latest piece of crap. It’s worth noting that Lamon was one Arizona’s phony electors as well, and should be rotting in prison for that. His ads perfectly represent everything that is wrong with his party, everything wrong with conservative White males, and everything that is wrong with the USA.

JWC • 15 hours ago

The Founding Fathers never ever intended church and state to operate together In fact it was quite the opposite They stated that state operated free and clear of church and church had the freedom to practice in is chosen manner but not interfering with state

Gustav2 BensNewLogin • 15 hours ago • edited

The New Dawn is Christian speak for Easter. The change brought to the world with the life and resurrection of What’s-His-Name. With the empty cross and the sunrise…umm…he comes really, really close to blasphemy.

It was The New Dawn for the world.

2 thoughts on “Arizona Republican US Senate Candidate Implies He’s State’s Savior In Ad That Debuted On Easter

  1. And the thing is … this type of Republican sees NOTHING wrong with their actions. They are “standing up for Jesus” — and that’s what is important. Screw the rest of the world.

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    1. Hello Nan. I feel sometimes like a voice yelling in the wilderness, but more and more politicians in the Republican party are putting their Christian religion first and foremost above all things as they are running for office. Also there are a bunch of politicians already in office now pushing their religion. Yes there is no doubt that the Republican party is now the white Christian party, but they view it as the defining criteria of their party and of themselves. The Christian nationalist are trying as hard as they can to take over the country. And they think they are not only doing it for the good of everyone they really seem convinced they are owed the US.

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