In looking at some poltical tweets I found some fun stuff. Enjoy

2 thoughts on “In looking at some poltical tweets I found some fun stuff. Enjoy

    1. Hello Nan. Twitter like comment sections are big black holes that suck me in. I end up going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole. That is why I have to be careful to limit my time on such things. In the right wing media comment sections I can get into hours long debates that go nowhere but into circles. I think that first dog was adorable. I had a cat like that, if you were looking he was pure angel, if you looked away the other side came out. We had one cat that was devoted to me, followed me everywhere, and slept with me at night. He would lay at the end of the bed and wait until the lights went out. Then he would lunge and attack Ron’s feet biting and clawing them. Ron would yell and kick, the cat would dodge and run up to the other side of me and snuggle in for the night. Sometimes during the night he would repeat the attack. Ron never did anything to him, and when the light was on he was nice to Ron. But when the light went out he attacked Ron’s feet. We never figured it out.


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