NBC News Reporter Meets Ukraine Boy Whose Mother Died Of Starvation

Make no mistake, look at this boy and know that the US / NATO / The World could have stopped this tragedy and can stop more like it from happening.   There is a whole lot of people trapped in Mariupol and they are sitting ducks for Russian guns.  They are starving.  There are going to be more kids without mothers and without fathers.  That is if the kids survive themselves.   We have the ability to stop it, do we have the heart, the will?  


2 thoughts on “NBC News Reporter Meets Ukraine Boy Whose Mother Died Of Starvation

    1. Hello Ned. Risk nuclear war? The old duck and cover, cold war, the USSR and the US have plans to nuke each other and the world with it idea. It is outdated. Russia will not be sending thousands or even hundreds of nuclear missiles at any country because of the ramifications still exist. Mutually assured destruction. Putin knows he lets large amounts of radiation get blown into another country via a nuclear strike on that country or on Ukraine itself, he is gone. Period the nations will take him out. If Russia uses any thing nuclear they will use a tactical nuke. Small minimum yield or more likely spent uranium ammunition.

      But the truth is you are letting fear win. Fear that if the world acts it will mean war and that war will turn nuclear.

      We are already at war. Like it or not we have been sliding head long into the war Putin started in Ukraine. The world has chosen sides. If you back Russia’s aggression you are on their side, such as China and India. If you back Ukraine by sending arms and assistance you are already involved. It is like being pregnant. There really is no halfway, you either are or are not. Because the world thought Ukraine had no chance they started small. Now seeing how well Ukrainians are doing you see countries providing all the stuff that Ukraine asked for in the beginning. The US is sending armed helicopters. We just sent enough parts to give the Ukrainians 20+ more planes. Russia knows we are in. The gave warnings that they would react if we don’t stop. Vague threats. Do we now abandon the Ukrainians because of fear of a Putin temper tantrum? Does Putin run the world? The rest of the world holds as much power as Putin, even more. We can set rules also. We can make Putin fear consequences also.

      The thing is Putin has used fear and made that fear based on the idea his military was much more capable than it seems it really is. The US / NATO has let Putin back them down in other conflicts because of vague threats of what he might do. So where did that get us. Putin would take part of a country and tell the world to stay out or else … Then he would do it again elsewhere. Where does it stop? How much do let him take of other countries, how much death do we let him cause, how much harm because we are afraid, he may strike at US. Then what about the next dictator that sees how well it worked for Putin? Do they use their nukes as threats to get what they want. Maybe a bit of extortion against their neighbor or a nuclear plant on the border may melt down? Do you see the problem? There are things worth standing up for, and there are times you must do it even if there is risk.

      Best wishes.

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