Pastor Who Inflicted Gospel Songs On Trapped EasyJet Passengers Compares Criticism To “Jesus’s Persecution”

The Christian Post reports:

A video posted by Pastor Jack Jensz Jr. of his ministry team worshiping aboard an airplane in mid-flight has amassed over 35 million views online. “I didn’t post it to stir anything up,” the Australian-born pastor shared in an interview with The Christian Post. “It was actually just a post to share with our friends and encourage our friends that have been following our journey.” The minister captioned the video, “We are taking this flight over for Jesus!”

After the clip went viral, it created an uproar online. People had varying opinions about what took place. For Jensz and his team, however, it was another miraculous ministry opportunity for them as they saw God move in a significant way during their entire trip. The pastor believes the criticism he and his team have received is what’s expected as a follower of Christ. “They persecuted Jesus and persecuted the disciples. This is the cost,” Jensz maintained.

Read the full article. As you can see below, the tactic appears to be spreading. Jensz claims to have gotten permission for singing from EasyJet’s pilot and crew.

Snarkaholic • 8 hours ago

How is a guitar even allowed in the cabin…it can be wielded like a baseball bat, and the strings, detached, can be used to garrote people.

No More GOP • 9 hours ago

Ah, that Christian Martyr Complex™ in full display!

Andy • 11 hours ago

Persecuted, because people said something? What about the people who were persecuted by being submitted to that crap music?

Will • 11 hours ago

Vast numbers of religious people tend to view the forcing of their religion onto you, whether by bullying, coercion, force of law, or threat of death, as a righteous endeavor approved by God. Your opinion about it is irrelevant.

Gianni • 15 hours ago

“Compares Criticism To “Jesus’s Persecution”…. Boy, don’t they think highly of themselves! “Hey. Jesus, now we know just how it feels to be nailed to a cross and left to die.” ‘Christian’ and ‘obnoxious’ often go together.

Robert Adams • 15 hours ago

It’s funny how the very ones who insist on shoving their religion down everyone’s throat are the same ones who complain about “Liberal” ideas being shoved down their throats.

pax58 • 15 hours ago

As a former church choir member, I am offended at the crappy praise music. There are over two thousand years of sacred music and they choice to sing crap. That is aside from the face that people can’t volunteering withdraw from this propaganda.

Jack Frost • 16 hours ago

The FAA should immediately do something about this and make it as strongly worded as possible.

But I fear we’ve already lost these recent culture war issues with this administration.

Worst time to have a life-long moderate centrist as a president.

Guest • 16 hours ago

The pilot and crew gave him PERMISSION??? What about the sane passengers right to be unmolested?

Man_in_the_mists Guest • 15 hours ago

The words, “Liars for the Lord” popped into my head when I read that. Either he never got permission, or he left out details on what he planned to do.

Raging Bee Guest • 16 hours ago

Which “First World problems” are you referring to? First World Christians who make asses of themselves, refuse to abide by longstanding rules everyone else obeys, and then pretend they’re suffering just like Jesus on the cross the minute someone criticizes them?

6 thoughts on “Pastor Who Inflicted Gospel Songs On Trapped EasyJet Passengers Compares Criticism To “Jesus’s Persecution”

  1. Scottie, I’m “replying” via the email I received on this post to demonstrate the new way to comment.

    This blatant display of “Christianity” is WAY off-base. The thing believers can’t seem to understand is their distaste for the “things of the world” is no different than the non-believers’ *strong* distaste for their evangelizing!

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    1. Hello Nan. Thanks for the reminder. I had shut the computer off earlier and when I started it I forgot to open Outlook. There was a time that when mail came in I could deal with it and wipe it out. Now I have a never ending email stream that builds up until I reach my paid for limits and I simply delete it all. It is so frustrating. Part of that is my own fault. Somehow now I get three emails for every new post that people I follow make. Yes I know it has to do with the two other blogs I had and there is ways to shut them off but that takes time I don’t need to take if I simply ignore all the email. I get hundreds a day. I cannot keep up with it right now. That is why I ask people to tell me when they email me so I can go look for the email. Like you just did. Thank you. Oh Ron wants to go to bed so I may answer you in the morning.


      1. I just replied to this on a different post. I went through some email this morning and found some that had comments. I would have to open every email that starts with scottiesplaytime just to check for comments if they don’t put the comment on the bell or go to the old way I hated which was through the admin for the site. With all the things I post I cannot open every post repeatedly to see if new comments came in. I hope this doesn’t change the bell system.


    2. Hello Nan. I cannot find your email. I did a search and looked through three days of e-mail and couldn’t find it.

      Oh crap it is part of that new system you mentioned. I have no idea how to find it. Nothing triggered on Nan. OK I know it is in the last ten hours so I can isolate it to that.

      Nan I cannot do this. Sorry but this is not anyway I can deal with email or comments. I found a bunch of “Nan liked comment …” but nothing that showed a reply. Please send me an email like normal so I can find it or put the comment in the comments of the post. I am going to bed now. See you in the morning.


      1. Scottie, I think you’re confused. Most likely it has to do with my comments about the “new and improved” email system that WP has come up with that now allows people to comment directly in the email without having to click through to the blog post … yet it still shows up in the blog comment section.

        Since I’m nowhere NEAR as involved as you with the various online communities and news sources — which, I assume all notify you of new comments — I forget that my one comment related to WP changes probably doesn’t stand out like it would if it came in my email.

        I’m sorry if I confused you. But I do wonder if there might be a “better way” for you to handle emails … ??

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        1. Hello Nan. I have tried to think of a solution to the many emails. One of the problems is now I get three notification to every post on the blogs I follow. You post something I get three notifications. One for each blog I had. The first Scottiestoybox notifications are still going. Plus I have five email addresses all funneled into the outlook installed on the computer. That is so I don’t have to keep going to each of the five and see what is new every few minutes. I get notifications from twitter most of which I have shut off but there are some I have allowed. There are just a bunch of email from sites I go to, companies I use like AAA Auto club. There are the groups I support like ACLU and FFRF.

          The problem is not just the email, it is my time management. It is trying to get everything done I really want to do online in the time I have to do it. And sadly email is a low priority unless someone mentions they sent me one. Then it becomes a priority.

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