Should the West Do More To Help Ukraine?

Hello Gary. Well said. I agree. Right now the world is being held hostage to Putin’s vague threats and letting him make the rules. Why does he get to be the only one to make the rules and draw redlines? We are already involved, we know it, Russia knows it, but by playing a game of only so much help at a time we are allowing more deaths of the Ukrainian people including children. How many deaths do we stand by and accept, how many kids losing their mothers and fathers is worth it to hold back so we don’t upset Putin? To me it has already been too many. The world will be asked why we did not use our ability to stop the deaths of Ukrainians sooner. The longer we wait the harder it will be to answer.

Escaping Christian Fundamentalism

I am depressed.

Day after day, we in the West sit in our comfortable living rooms, watching our televisions, witnessing the brutal slaughter of thousands of Ukrainian men, women, and children. Yes, we send arms and money, but otherwise we sit and do nothing. Why? We fear a war with the Russians.

But how long do we wait? Do we wait until Ukraine and its people have been completely decimated?

The West faced the same dilemma with Hitler. We made concession after concession to him, hoping that if we gave him what he wanted, he wouldn’t demand more. He wanted the Sudetenland to protect “ethnic Germans”. We gave it to him. He then wanted all of Czechoslovakia. We let him have it. He wanted Austria. He annexed it and the West did nothing. So why stop? He then took Poland. France and Britain declared war…and then did nothing…giving him time…

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