Another one for Jeff.

As I go through comments on posts about Christians trying to force their will on others I come across a lot of cooking and eating baby references.  I wish I had thought to save them for our grand friend Jeff who as I understand is a baby meat gourmet.  I am a back sliding atheist baby eater who doesn’t have Jeff’s well established baby eating regime, but I am sure when I get his new soon to come out child cookbook I will pick up my game.  My understanding is the seasoning is not as important as cleaning the bowels first.   


You just need the right cookbook.


3 thoughts on “Another one for Jeff.

    1. Hey Jeff. Let me know when the pre-orders for that new baby cookbook come out. I bet it will be a best seller. One thing I wanted to ask; you know how people say to eat the rich? I wondered to babies of wealthy people taste different? Are they worth the bother? Thanks. 😀🤣😁😋😛😜😝

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