And the car saga continues

It is 3:30 PM my time.   We stopped on the way home and picked up some wings of assorted flavors and after eating took a nap.  Got up at three.  I shut down the video computer and unplugged everything, Ron placed it on the table.   I opened it all up and took the front off so Ron could clean it all up.  Then I am going to replace the hard drive and see what I need to install an SSD drive.   I have to replace the hard drive in it as I have an issue developing with it that I need to run a hard drive portioning / repairing program over it.   Then I will shut down this one and let Ron clean the insides of it also as this one as the CPU chip is overheating in it.    Ron cleaned both of them really well not too long ago but we have a long haired cat whose hair goes every / anywhere.   When we took off the fan over the CPU heatsink the cat hair was matted into the fins of that.  How I don’t know.  I never had these troubles when I had my computers up on shelves.   Seems being on floor level they become dirt magnets.   I will be having them up off the floor in the new office.  

The car saga.   Remember we were told first the car was hit and then they couldn’t move it because they were waiting for the police to come and make a police report.   Then we were told that an employee had rammed the car into a pole.  But that meant they moved the car.   It was staged so Ron wouldn’t see what it hit.  We figured out why they only wanted one of us to see the car, so we couldn’t back each other up on what we seen.   By only Ron saying what he seen, it is a he said they say issue.   Then we were not able to find a police report, so we called the police, and the insurance company.   The police said they were called there two days prior for an accident on the ground but not for our car ever.    The insurance company said they would have been sent the police report automatically and were not.  

So we took the loaner Lincoln car which is nice but has an all dark interior and drove to the dealership.   As we drove up to the sales area there were two guys out front.   I figured this was going to be easy because when we bought the car there they were more than happy to work a deal.  Not this time.   As I got out, I noticed neither guy walked up to us.   As we started to the building one guy called out, “What are you guys looking for”?     I said I was interested in the Escape hybrid Titanium with all the options.  Guy looked at his phone and said he had an SEL and one other, both I understood to be midrange.  I said no I would be ordering one if I were to buy.  “No you won’t they have closed orders on 2022 Escape Hybrids” he said.    I asked if other dealerships might have what we wanted and he shrugged.   We don’t trade cars anymore as no one wants to do that as their own demand is too high, he told us.   I was getting really pissed.   He lost interest the minute he realized what I wanted, and he did not have it.    I was getting angry.  Did not even offer to help us into a different vehicle.

We drove further into the lot to the repair area and went in.  We waited while they found the service advisor Deborah.    Remember I called her three times yesterday and she never called us back.  So when she walked up to us the first thing she said was she had a plumbing emergency at home and was not there yesterday, to which I turned to Ron and said they kept telling me she was, and they would deliver the message.   Then seeing she was caught she was there in the morning but had to leave early.  We understood emergencies but about 30 minutes later I would ask her about the water emergency and the story changed again.    So I told her the reason I wanted her was mute because the dealership did not have the car we wanted and was unwilling to help us get one.   I explained I wanted that detailed list of damages as I was going to go to other dealerships, even the other manufacturers to see if I could work a deal.    Well that sent her into overdrive and she got us sitting down and went to talk to her manager again.  When she got back she told us there was a waiting list for the 2022 Escape Hybrids and anyone still on the list was going to get the 2023-year ones automatically.  Were we interested?   I said yes.  So she disappeared again.   When she came back she said that she was to call a person named Shelly in the sales department and that she would try to work a deal to get us on the 2022 list to get a 2023 for the 2022 price.  But you might not get delivery for 6 months or more she said.  I said as long as the numbers are locked in and we either keep our Escape to drive or their Lincoln loaner I did not care.  I told her to make me sad, have us drive their loaner Lincoln for 6 months.  She laughed.   But then I asked her about her water emergency and if there was a lot of damage.   Oh no she replied they had an odor issue with their water as many on well water here do, so had new pipes and pump in the well all redone.   But the smell was still there so the company was coming to bore out the pipes they had not changed.   Which told me she knew she was taking the afternoon off for an appointment and did not have an emergency and just blew us off.   She also managed to get away without giving us a detailed list of damage to our car.   Seems they really do not want us to have that.   

And now to shut off this computer for Ron to clean.   Best wishes.  Scottie

8 thoughts on “And the car saga continues

  1. When you get back online …
    It sure seems like the car situation is getting awfully complicated. Is the car that got banged-up considered totaled so that you need to buy a new one? Or do you just want a new one?

    From what you wrote originally, it sounded like they didn’t want to move the car after the accident so the police could look at it. Of course, it there was no “pole” close-by when you saw it, then obviously, it had been moved from the “scene of the crime.”

    What is their position on the repairs to your car? Are they going to do it or not? Or are they still waiting to see if their insurance will cover the work?

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    1. Hello Nan. One of the fights I am having with them is they won’t give us a damage list. They find ways to dodge questions and keep us distracted. It is like trying to hold on to an angry cat or greased pig. They want us to just accept they are taking care of everything, don’t ask questions, and just take the return of our car when it is ready. But Nan they lied about how the damage happened and the actions they took.

      Was the car totaled? No not according to them, but on the other hand the employee rammed it into a pole. On one side. Did it twist the frame? We cannot find out. That is what scares me, it twisted the frame. It will side wind and there is no way to keep tires on it if it has. So we want it out of our hands. But getting the trade done is getting really difficult. So tomorrow morning I call again. I will tell the service person we are going to look at other dealerships.

      Nan they claim they are repairing it, that we should just trust them, drive the Lincoln they gave us, and ask no questions. Hell we have not had a call from a manager yet. If we call we get a run around. I was told last week it was in the paint shop and would be ready the first of this week, but that is not happening. A friend suggested we hire a lawyer but damn why should we be out a couple grand for this. Ron already had to take the trip to NC in a substandard rental car because they gave us a crappy car and then when we complained the dealership claimed they tried to get it changed and the rental place says they never called them. Yet when Ron told them the stuff wrong with the rental car the rental place said they would have it in the shop before renting it to fix that stuff, but they did not. They rented it right back out because we went down to return the extra key fob we forget to return, the guy said it was out for rent at the time and when it came back he would put the fobs back in the same package.

      The only time we got satisfaction was when I lost my temper, something I try hard never to do, and they told us to come right in and that was when they gave us the Lincoln. It is nice, but our car had all the same features it is just the Lincoln has a better ride. I was stunned the sales department wouldn’t even work with us so far on a new car. I will call tomorrow and see what I can find out. I hate to go to a Honda or other such make but we need to be in a car I can trust for Ron and we need a hybrid.


      1. I will call tomorrow and see what I can find out. IMO, you need to talk to THE MANAGER face-to-face. From what you’ve written, they are simply avoiding the issue (for whatever reason) and until you two make some IN-PERSON demands, I think they’re going to continue to screw with you.

        Of course, I’m basing my comments on what you’ve written and, as you know, there are always two sides to a story. 🙃

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        1. Hello Nan. Well now you know we got to talk to a manager. Not in face, but I guess we could have asked / demanded it. But the person on the phone was so accommodating we did not think we were being played. Well actually Ron did after the guy told us he would call us back Ron said we wont hear from him again, yet in about ten minutes we did. At this point I don’t know what to think? How much damage was done? Their insurance people say not really that much, not enough to change the value of the car. How do I argue that. I asked if they would give us an extended warranty and the guy asked on what. He said they would warranty what they replaced but he was not sure what I was asking. He wanted to know if I wanted an extended warranty on the car and I told him we already had that. I admit I am in over my head. He seemed so reasonable, and asserted the damage looked bad but was only cosmetic not mechanical. I flat out told him I did not trust that nor trusted the car anymore. It was an accident I was not involved in that would lower the value which now had been over 30 grand. I told him if the Ford company wouldn’t work with me to solve this I would go to a different company. He said he understood and would call the sales department and they would make it right, they did not want me to go to another company. He did call back. I wait now for the sales department to call. Ron likes this little car, me not so much, but if I can get him the hybrid he wants OK. If now when we get the car back we will trade it for the best deal we can get. I don’t know what more to do?


          1. Glad things are moving forward on a better basis.

            IMO … I would tend to believe the manager that the damage wasn’t all that severe — and if the repairs are done right, it won’t make a difference in looks or the car value. AND … if Ron likes the car, why be in such a hurry to take on more debt buying a new one? Especially when you have pointed out the cost of some of your medications!

            Of course as I’ve said before, it’s YOUR decision. But maybe something to think about?

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            1. Hello Nan. There are some things we are looking at. First we bought the small car because we wanted better gas mileage. But while the car is really nice it doesn’t get that good gas mileage for a small car. It gets just a bit better than the van. I figure the time is right for us to go to a hybrid. If not for Ron’s trips north, we could go with a fully electric. The car is worth about 24 grand and I figure I could get a dealership to go maybe 10 grand higher on it. Until this it was immaculate, and they seem to imply that the value has not changed. My issue was did the value of the car go down. If that was the case I would have tried to make the dealership replace that value in a trade. But as the car value will not decrease over this I think we can wait. However I do want to trade it this year for a 2023 model or early next year. The value of the car goes down every year. I want to trade it while the value is high. We owe about $14,245 on the car. I had wanted to have the dealership roll that into a new deal. But if we keep the car we will either refinance that last two years into a 4 year loan that will be a much smaller payment or just pay it off entirely. Hate to take that money out of savings as it comes out a lot easier than it goes back in. But right now I don’t like the payment as high as it is unless I get a new car. BTW Ron loves the car people on YouTube and the one he likes the best is pushing the Honda hybrid. I am now leaning toward the Subaru. We will have to do more work when we get the car back. One thing I know is Ron won’t go to a sedan car that sits low. He has had taller cars now for decades and that rental car he had for the trip north killed him. I with my hips couldn’t do it either. I was talking to him I would be fine with another Toyota if the company was not supporting GOP insurrectionists. I love our 2007 Sennia XLE. I love the ride and comfort, it holds full size sheets of plywood and 8 foot 2x4s, and it has plenty of power. I would get an unlimited and it may last us forever. The only thing with Toyota’s is if something breaks, it costs a lot to fix it. As Beau says it is just a thought.

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              1. Personally, I will be keeping the car I have (2004 Honda Pilot) until I can no longer drive. It only has a bit over 55,000 miles on it and has been super dependable. BUT … if I were in a car-buying position, I would definitely look very hard at Subaru. I think they’re the best car on the market — at least within the dollar range of the average individual. My second choice would most likely swing back to a Honda.

                In any case, I hope you guys are able to work things out and get the car you want … without going into long-time debt!!

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                1. Hello Nan. That is a great low milage. We have another 30 years or more to drive. So we are going to have at least one more 6 year car loan. We really do want to switch to a hybrid. The kind of driving we do most of the time it would save us a lot of money on fuel. We do a lot of short distance driving. To the store and back. That kind of stuff. The trouble is finding a hybrid that is worth buying.

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