6 thoughts on “It already is a world war

    1. Hello Polly. The people just want things back to normal is true. But as Nan says that is because the people are just trying to survive and have some enjoyment in life. Things are hard for the majority of the public in the US. There is a three class system in the US. There is the upper income super wealthy class, a lower wealthy class, and the majority of the population which is different degrees of lower incomes including the working people at all levels, the retired former working people, the elderly poor, the young working poor, the people in poverty, and those who have nothing left. That is the US I see today. It is hard for those people to worry about things in a faraway country when they cannot get their politicians to care about if they have food or shelter.

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        1. Yeah, now I see the mixup. I totally posted the above comment on the wrong post. I should have put it under the 2nd saga of the car post. Holy cow, it’s been a week. I’m so sorry for being confusing!

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