7 thoughts on “Disney’s self-governing district says Florida cannot dissolve it without paying off its debts

    1. Hello Jeff. I agree. The old CEO that retired was a big LGBTQ+ supporter, but this new one is not and put the brakes on a lot of the things Disney was doing to support the LGBTQ+. But the public is on the side of the LGBTQ+ and the former CEO had it correct when he said the new guy waited far too late to step in. But now it is a matter of pride for the current CEO and people at that level with that money / power don’t like to be pushed around by the lessor people such as state governors and lower-level state elected officials. So now Disney which has more lawyers than God, will go after the Republicans. This was an attempt to force Disney and other companies to keep shoving money (bribes) to the Republicans. I think that is not going to happen. At least not until the Republicans back down. But it really will depend on the public. If the public supports Disney they will stand firm, if the public started to avoid Disney they will cave. After all what importance do LGBTQ+ rights have compared to profits?

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