Drunk Trump supporter almost ran over gay couple then called them slurs



Evan Berryhill-Jewel was caught on video calling her gay neighbors slurs
Evan Berryhill-Jewel was caught on video calling her gay neighbors slursPhoto: screenshot

A Texas woman was caught on video calling a gay couple “fa***ts because she almost hit them with her car and parked badly.

“Republican all the way, baby!” Evan Berryhill-Jewel – who owns the Texas Angels Boutique in San Angelo – shouted while being recorded by Charles Grady and his partner, her neighbors, when she returned home one evening. Grady said that Berryhill-Jewel almost ran over him as he was taking out the trash.

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Grady confronted her and Berryhill-Jewel, who appeared to be drunk, got mad at him and started touching him aggressively, Grady said.

“You fucking faggots need to learn that equality is what I got,” Berryhill-Jewel said. “How are you any better than me?”

“I’m sorry not sorry that I’m not a f**king Joe Biden fan,” she said as her bizarre ranting continued. “How do y’all like the f**king pain.”

“I can’t hear you over your ear piercings, ewww,” she told Grady’s partner.

“Will we gross you out enough to move over a space?” he responded. She was parked in two parking spots at once.

“No, I’m not going move over,” she said. “I don’t give a f**k that y’all are fa***ts…. Y’all are f**king fa***ts. Sorry not sorry y’all are fa***ts.”


Grady said that police responded and they took at least one of the notes that Berryhill-Jewel posted to their door and their car with slurs, including the word “fa***t.”

He said that the full video was 14 minutes long and that police are reviewing it.

Tom Green County prosecutor Chris Taylor told The Advocate that he is aware of the incident.

“We take all such incidents very seriously,” he said.

Berryhill-Jewell posted an apology to Facebook where she blamed alcohol and said that she has gay friends. It was later deleted.


I would like to note she apologized on Facebook and deleted it but it seems she never apologized to the gay couple.   Anyone not gay person with gay friends doesn’t go around calling gay couples’ faggot repeatedly.  

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