NBC NEWS: She told her Christian college she was raped. Then she was banned from campus.

She told her Christian college she was raped. Then she was banned from campus.
A new federal complaint says Visible Music College gave a student a choice: admit to breaking the school’s ban on premarital sex or be expelled.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/ADH73UOlYT4mPzu5s6I9_7A

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7 thoughts on “NBC NEWS: She told her Christian college she was raped. Then she was banned from campus.

    1. Hello Nan. I often wondered how Christians got so against sex. So I tried to read up on it. One theory I read went like this. In the time of the bible and multiple religions it was common practice for temples of different gods to offer prostitutes of both sexes, normally young teens and kids as a form of worship to that god. It also brought in a good amount of money. The theory is that the Old Testament writers were trying to separate their worship / god from the mass of current gods by arguing against that practice of using boy prostitutes. Girls did not matter, but it was an abomination in the eyes of their god to have sex with young male teens.

      But even if that is true or not true Christians got more and more hateful of sex to the point where they hated themselves for doing it even to create babies and demanded a female never enjoy it. The male could but if a female did, she was evil. Why? Religious groups banned sex all together such as Catholic Priests, but I understand that may have had more to do with money flowing to the church instead to married Priests kids. So I don’t remember if your book covered it, but it seems there is an unreasonable hatred for a natural biological function and an attempt to deny it exists to be pure? Any thoughts?


      1. No, my book didn’t go into this topic.

        I would say a lot of the “sex issues” have to do with the way people lived in the Victorian Age … when there was “extreme polarization of roles based on gender” — and “purity” was pretty much required of women before they could enter marriage. Further, “women’s bodies, hidden in long, voluminous clothes, were almost as much of a mystery to themselves as to men.” I think much of this thinking was emphasized in the church … and in some denominations, has never been completely updated.

        There’s a really good article on this here

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        1. Hello Nan. The twisted reasoning in this article hurt my brain. How could even the men of the times have believed this?

          … (H)owever from the male’s point of view, women were nothing more than overly emotional and mindless creatures ruled by their sexuality, or simply “the Sex”.

          Then when talking of men’s sexual needs and prostitutes.

          … (Y)et made no effort to make prostitution illegal since they believed prostitutes provided a basic service of satisfying men’s uncontrollable needs. Ironically, in a society that was not open to women working outside the home, prostitution seemed to be the only profession protected by law. Many men regarded prostitutes as “the necessary evil to protect the pure, who otherwise might unwittingly provoke the male to rape them”

          Although I’m not sure Victorian men really considered themselves to be so bestial and animalistic “theorists constructed a single sexuality for men that acknowledged the urgency of male drives and the necessity of relieving them” . The whole field of prostitution seemed to be built upon the belief that men had to express their sexual energy, women being the means of men’s expression.

          So women were ruled by their sexuality but men had an urgency that required them to have frequent sex or they would go bestial and uncontrol causing them to rape women. Right I think I see a problem. Tell me again which was ruled by their sexual needs?


          1. Apparently, you’re seeing the article from an entirely different perspective than me. From my POV, this statement sums up this period of time: The extreme polarization of roles based on gender resulted in a world ruled solely by male discretion, which almost never took into consideration the women’s viewpoint.

            And IMO, this attitude has been carried forward in many ways to the present day. Why do you think women have fought so hard for equality? And STILL they don’t have it. And yes, in MANY ways, they are still considered nothing more than sexual objects.

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            1. Hello Nan. Oh I agree with you. It does sum up that time and has been carried on into the present day. I think that a lot of guys are desperate to go back to those days because they were mini rulers over half the population. Men could do what every they wanted, and women couldn’t do anything without permission.

              I was trying to express that I cannot understand how the men of that day could think like that in the terms they used and not see the complete falsehood and contradictions. Just reading what they believed hurt the reasoning parts of my brain.

              Had I lived then I would have been thrown in prison as a dangerous heretic fighting for equality. Then again, I have been viewed that way for most of my life so far. 😀😄😉😎

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