THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year , Report Says

FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year, Report Says
Searches in national-security investigations came without warrants, could stoke privacy concerns in Congress

Read in The Wall Street Journal:

Shared from Apple News

If this story won’t display for you let me know and I will try to get it to you. It is an important information on how the US is becoming a police state and the public has no rights that they don’t feel like giving you.

5 thoughts on “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year , Report Says

  1. Scottie, I’m putting this link here in hopes you’ll see it. I know if I sent it via email, I’d have to let you know I sent the email … in a comment! So I decided to just go ahead and put it here. It’s not associated with your post … it’s just something I DEFINITELY think you should check out …

    I get the non-political 1440 newsletter (which you might also be interested in) and that’s how I heard about this.

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. I have decided to do veery few things and no posting of news other than videos until I catch up with comments.

      Nan I will be honest I don’t trust this site. Here is why. First right off the top it says.

      Ground News isn’t a fact-checker, because we believe in empowerment, not enablement.

      Now that is goobly gook, it means nothing. As you tell me, most people don’t have the time to look up everything and then figure out what is a lie or misinformation. Secon their endorsement from a reader at the bottom says this.

      Incredible presentation and distilled information whilst seemingly staying factual.

      Seemingly factual?

      I would have to read each article I was interested in, then fact check it against other sources, and then if I found a lot of distortions wonder what else I missed. I will look over some of what they offer.

      But you say you get the non-political newsletter. What do they write about you like? While I enjoy science and learning, I love politics. If you want you could send me links of the stuff you think I should read and I could look them over also. And don’t fear to put links in the comments. It is OK because as you said the email is hit or miss with me, mostly miss. My goal now is to go over the comments and reply within one day. I should be able to keep up once I catch up.


      1. Hello Nan. I just looked and I think I will pass on this. I already have a lot of news sources. But what bothered me was not the costs, but the fact that under their bias section they list CNN as on the left. CNN has been hiring well know right wing operatives and activists for at least a decade. For example.

        CNN, long vilified by President Trump as “fake news,” has plucked an operative from within Trump’s own party to be one of its political editors.

        Sarah Isgur, a longtime Republican spokeswoman, will join the network to help direct its political coverage, including the Democratic primaries and Trump’s reelection campaign, the network confirmed Tuesday.

        The hiring, first reported by Politico, is unusual for a number of reasons. Isgur hasn’t worked in journalism and has no experience managing a TV news operation. She has spent the bulk of her career as a Republican advocate, working on behalf of candidates including Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina, as well as the Republican National Committee.

        They were not alone. MSNBC has long been hiring right wing hosts and political people who make up the majority of their programming replacing left wing people like Keith Olbermann with much more right wing hosts. Rachel Maddow is about the last of the real left wing hosts there and she won’t be on as much. They promote such people as Scarboro who is a former Republican congressman. The thing is the right claims these are left wing stations because they are to the left of Fox, but they are still more conservative than they are liberal. I know you did not ask but back in 2016 I did a search on if the news was liberal or conservative and found that the news stories slanted conservative like 75% of the time despite the idea pushed by the right that the news is run by liberals and only allows liberal stories that support liberals. And the reason that the stories and bias is conservative makes sense when you realize that all the news companies are owned by big corporations. All the big broadcast stations, networks, newspapers, online news providers are owned by big corporations who want to earn more money and protect their brands. Notice you only hear opinion hosts push higher wages not the news people, you never hear about how much other countries use the government to provide for the people and tax corporations to do it from the news hosts. They gloss over stories that are critical of big business. The US has lost most of it independent news and so everything is mostly filtered through a corporate lens.


    1. Hello Nan. I went by what was on their website about themselves vs what I know about the “left media”. The media bias check of the 1440 newsletter is pretty good. The issue there is I already have some of the same sources. But it doesn’t hurt to have more.

      The ground news fact check did not come back as good.

      While they present news with minimal bias, they do not factor in the credibility of the source. For example, we found that they publish news stories from sources that routinely fail fact checks, such as PJ Media, Sputnik, and Alex Jones’ Newswars website, which has a history of promoting conspiracy theories and falsehoods daily. However, these stories are also being reported by other credible media outlets, which indicates they are most likely true. In general, Ground News is not biased, but some news sources utilized have poor track records with fact-checkers.

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