Fed up Jamie Raskin DEMOLISHES Marjorie Taylor Greene in must-see smackdown

4 thoughts on “Fed up Jamie Raskin DEMOLISHES Marjorie Taylor Greene in must-see smackdown

    1. Hello Nan. I think it is more than time that the Democrats start to call out the jerks in congress. The idea has been we are above these people, we don’t act like they do. Wrong because those people do not face consequences they keep acting out. These are the highest offices in the US. And these people like Marge Greene act worse than badly behaved young teens. They never grew up. I watched again last part of the video again where she followed a minor, a 17 teen year old gun violence survivor, taunting him, bullying him. She was an adult, but sure did not act like it. The teen, Hogg, acted much more mature. I am tired of these people representing the US. I sure do not want the Marge Greene and Matt Gaetz making the laws I have to follow while they are having drug fueled sex parties. I have nothing against drugs or sex parties or both if it is all consensual, but it is illegal and made so by these people. If it is illegal for the rest of us it should be illegal for them.

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    1. Hello Annie. I agree. I was amazed at his strength to keep going after the death of his son. I know in his book he says that the impeachment trial made him focus and kept him going in the game of life so to speak but still it is an amazing strength of character. And to think a clown like Marge Greene can heckle him on the floor of the House of Representatives, one of the highest elected positions in our nation, is sickening to me. Let me know what you think of his book. I have not read / listened to it, but I have read excerpts online.


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