Let’s talk yesterday

Yesterday started out with me feeling great and fired up and ended up with me in bed at 4PM.  So here is the story.   I have been trying to stay in bed later in the morning and going to bed later at night.   All that seems to do is push everything computer / blog related more into the critical territory of not getting done.  If we get up at the same time Ron wants to talk, wants to make plans, and seems to think he and the cat should have priority over the computer time.  Some people, right?    I on the other hand have a morning routine that involves starting coffee, starting computers if they were shut down, cleaning cat boxes, feeding cat(s), watering cat(s) (why I do that he is already big enough, but they say it is a requirement).   By then the coffee is ready, I take a new hot cup of coffee to my desk to begin glancing at headlines and replying to comments.    That normally gives me about two hours before Ron gets up and by then I am ready for a break anyway.   Odie after eating settles on my desk.   It is nice and quiet, and before the door to my office was borrowed and yet to be replaced, it was private time.   That has not been happening since we had the idea of us getting up together, which is not working out anyway.   So I am going back to getting up when I wake up at 5, or 5:30, or 6 am at the latest.   I will let Ron sleep until 7:30, or 8, or 8:30 as he wishes.   

I also have been trying to do more around the house to strengthen my muscles and get them used to moving again.   No heavy stuff or low bending.   But things like cooking meals which I enjoy, trying to do light housework like vacuuming using the Dyson stick vacuum we bought a few years ago because it was light.   For example, I made an egg meat scramble with ham, sausage, and bacon for supper for everyone a few nights ago.   I was not hungry yesterday morning, but Ron wanted to make deviled eggs, so I boiled 9 eggs and peeled them.   I called the dealership and let my inner anger boil over a bit by just not letting the service advisor talk on about things trying to again divert me.  I informed her that nothing promised had been given to us, no calls from management, no calls from the sales department, and no preliminary report of assessed damages. She started to say they did not have that yet because the vehicle was not finished.   I said I did not ask for the finished one did I.  I told her I was getting ready to go out to look at other car manufactures and wanted that information asap.   No argument. 

Ten minutes later I got a call back from Service Manager Bob.   We put Bob on speaker phone and had a long conversation with him.   He was more than decent.  He had been out with Covid.   He did not know we had not been contacted.  He did not know our concerns were not addressed, he said the salespeople were told not to contact us as we were at the dealership and told they did not have what we wanted.    He told us they had added on to the car wash building and the employee came around the corner not knowing the new addition and hit an aluminum pole.   The pole hit the front sweet spot to cause a lot of hood, sensor, fender, cosmetic damage, but no real mechanical damage.   Ron peppered him with questions on the front end, drive axles and stuff, and he said none of that was effected,  he said the pole crumpled as it was light weight.   I asked about the frame.   He said their insurance people checked all that to see if they should just total the car out and it was not that badly damaged.   He said the delay was getting the parts to fix it, they got the big parts and I guess painted some they had the right color, but the small parts they couldn’t seem to get.   I complained about our visit to the sales department because I had been told the service department would work with sales to help us trade with full value if there was a question.   He said he was the one that said that  (I thought he was out with Covid and just getting back) and he said that that he was going to check into the situation and see what the problem was.   Surprisingly about ten minutes later he did call back.   He said that the person I talked to over there did not understand the situation, and that me and the salesman we talked to did not hit it off.   Someone from the sales department was going to call us about setting us up on the waiting list for a 2023.   

After all this it was into the afternoon, after 1 PM.  So I started to make goulash.   Here are the pictures.   

large elbows

I decided to go with large elbows instead of small ones or shells.

seasonings I used

These are the seasonings I used.   I also used 3 beef bouillon.   I used a bit over a pound of 80 / 20 hamburger.   Cook the meat in the tomato sauce as the fats add flavor and more juice.    For the base I used 2 large bottles of tomato juice.   As you can see below, I like a brothy soup like sauce to add over the pasta in a bowl.  If you put the pasta in the sauce the pasta sucks up the liquid.   That is why you want to store the pasta wet in a dry container.   If your fridge is cold enough the wet will keep it from sticking together but the pasta won’t get soggy like it will if you store it in water.    


So it was after 3 when we ate, I had not eaten all day so the sliding scale for insulin was very little.   I did not plan to overdo so I did not take extra, which led to the problem that happened.   Ron had gone back to painting the new room, and I volunteered to pick stuff up.   As I worked in the kitchen I stayed away from the candy cupboard and felt proud of myself.   But the jar of peanut butter was sitting right by the toaster.  It kept calling to me.   Then when I opened the fridge I noticed the grape jam sitting right in front on the top shelf.   It was a sign from the sweetness god to have some.   So I made a large P and J heavy on the Jam.    Then I took a couple of the rolls we had with the goulash and made some jam rolls again heavy on the jam.   I finished cleaning up.  By 4 PM I was not feeling well.   I was so tired, my blood sugar was way too high.   I was also struggling with my back.   So I told Ron I was going to bed for a couple hours.   He knew I had done a lot and did not think anything of it.   I did not start to feel well again until 8 PM and then I took my blood sugar and it was 208.  More than 4 hours after eating.   I failed to tell Ron, it skipped my mind I guess.   I stayed in bed.

This morning I did mention in passing to Ron that the peanut butter had jumped right off the counter at me.  He wanted to know what I ate, all of what I ate.   He got really upset.   He chewed my butt saying that that much sugar with so little insulin could have put me in a coma or caused other serious conditions.   I will say it was the fastest I have seen him wake up in the morning in years.  I doubt I will get away with that for a while, he will watch what I try to sneak, even count the Oreos.  

So after I post this I am determined to answer / catch up with all the comments.   No posting news until then.  I have over 100 open news articles. (divided into four different tabs)   Maybe post a video or two as I watch them while answering comments, that will be okay.  

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk yesterday

  1. He chewed my butt GOOD FOR HIM!!! Kudos, Ron!!

    Scottie, with your diabetes and repeated blood sugar problems, I’m simply amazed that you would even CONSIDER eating sweet stuff — OR have ANY of it in your kitchen! (OREOS????)

    Neither of us have diabetes but we do try to watch our weight — so ANY kind of sweet stuff is VERY limited in our household. Seem to me it should be even more so in YOUR household!!

    OK, enough scolding. Good to know that you got a decent update on the car.

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    1. Hello Nan. The problem with sweets is both of us enjoyed baking sweets together and keeping them in the house. It was fun and we would find new and varied recipes. So when we became diabetics we slowed down our baking but still baked regularly. We kept sweets in the house and enjoyed them.

      Now I have to have more steroids for my treatment of my back. My primary doctor simple did not care, but when I went to my newest doctor I have, the endocrinologist, he explained to me that the reason I was having wild swings and uncontrolled blood sugar was because the pills cannot handle the effects of steroids. For that I needed insulin. He put me on fast acting insulin along with my pills.

      Now before I go further let me say I have lost over 10 pounds, and normally my blood sugar is low. I do watch my sweets and only have them normally in my midday meal after taking enough insulin and eating well. I normally do very well with it.

      But the truth is I sometimes feel mistreated, and I just want / crave something sweet. I normally have a couple Oreos or a couple small white chocolate bars, the bite size. But the other day I did not control myself well. I over did. I went way overboard and did not take enough insulin because I did not plan to eat that much sugar. I deserved the butt chewing scolding. I would have been Ok or better if I had realized what I had done and taken more insulin to cover it.

      Nan the truth is sometimes I don’t treat it as important as I should. I want to say by limiting my snacks such as chips and pretzels to almost nothing I have lost weight. When I have afternoons like I did today that my back hurts so bad that even breathing too deeply causes sharp pains, when a step can send shockwaves of pain through my body causing my legs to stop supporting my body. When it just is so painful I cannot really marshal my thoughts, the idea that I cannot eat chips or a candy or a peanut butter & jell sandwich without figuring in my meals / medications just seems too much to manage. It is not that I plan to overdo or in truth as you say I shouldn’t be having any and I do normally try to have only one of two. I have not had an apple pie in over a year, but the other day, I had worked so hard, done so much, I craved that grape jam so much, that I screwed up.

      Now you mention why it is in the house. Because there are three adults in the house and some of us are not as adult as we should be. Ron asks me what chips I might want and then when they are in the house, he eats them all. I have had one handful of regular chips in the last 6 months. But Ron works hard, and he doesn’t take steroids so he can have them but just not as much as he eats. And it is why as much as he tries, he cannot lose weight.

      I think I understand the reason it seems I acted unreasonable, which I did. To have a small amount covered by my insulin injection is not a problem. My A1C is normally well within the acceptable range. It is just this time I had an excessive amount; I was a pig about it, I did not think to cover it, and when it hit me, I got confused and I went to bed without telling Ron what I had done or taking my blood sugar to cover it with more insulin. I was totally irresponsible and left Ron not knowing what was wrong with me because he thought I had had the supper we ate. That is why it was such a big deal and he was so upset about it. So like tonight as we get ready for supper my blood sugar is 118. I had oatmeal for breakfast at 10 AM and now will be having a super of steak, French fries, and salad. I would normally take only 4 units of insulin. But because I also am having corn which is high in sugar and I hope to have a bunch more fires than is good for me I took 6 units of insulin. That will cover me and keep me from either needing to go lay down or having a roller coaster effect where my sugars go really high, then low, then high, and back low for the rest of the evening. Ron told me as I finished dinner I could have two Oreo’s and when I tired to sneak the package he took it and gave me only two. Oh well, all good.

      Nan it is not fun and I cannot imagine how kids do it, how they feel. Imagine being a 6 year old who cannot have cookies or something the other kids are having. I don’t mind taking my blood sugar all the time but can you imagine being a kid having to do that. Anyway it is what I have to do and I have to be an adult about it. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to do it. Night.


      1. My granddaughter (I may have told you) has Type 1 diabetes and wears one of those automatic insulin pumps. But when she was growing up, she tried to live as though she was a normal kid … and she has paid for it because as she’s gotten older, she has some diabetes-related health problems. But at least now her insulin is (comparatively) under control.

        I’m not an expert by any means, but it just seems logical to me that eating sweets and then compensating with insulin is a bad idea … and can’t help but affect your overall health.

        For several years, I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. My tests were just barely under the threshold. Over the last couple of years, I’ve become much more conscientious about my diet and have lost 15 lbs. Although I LOVE ice cream, I’ve stopped eating it (I was having an ice cream bar every night after dinner). I also no longer eat candy, cakes, cookies, pies, etc., and have turned to fruits to compensate. If I get a REALLY bad craving, I’ll have yogurt-flavored almonds … but I limit myself even with them.

        I learned long ago that once you pop that “goody” into your mouth, your body automatically says, “Ummm yum …GOOD! More! More!” 😋

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