Should the US Provide Frozen Russian Assets to Ukraine?

Annie has some really great ideas that could impact the war and Russia’s actions far more than the sanctions so far. The relief this could give Ukraine for the high debt it is incurring to save itself is something well worth looking at. I find it a very interesting idea.


Experts’ views of the Russians’ horrific war against Ukraine have changed over the weeks of battle–and the once-impossible scenario depicting the Ukrainians actually stopping the Russians has gained favor.

Now, with the Russians claiming they plan to push on to overtake Moldova, the threat of a widening war that the US has tried to avoid seems more likely. The urgency of a Ukrainian win has become even more evident.

But to hold on, the Ukrainians need far more support than they’re currently receiving.

In this video interview and the co-authored essay cited above, Laurence Tribe, a prominent legal scholar and Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School, describes a way that President Biden can lawfully release for Ukrainian use frozen Russian government assets that the US holds–assets that may amount to…

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