2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Russians and John Deere….

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree 100%. I recently brought that up on Annie’s blog and … well it made people very uncomfortable I think as no one addressed that part of my comment. I have long supported the Palestinian people saying that Israel is keeping them in an open-air prison with no rights under military rule. The problem is getting the message out. The Israeli lobby here in the US is very powerful and well funded. Any politician that tries to speak against Israelis and what they are doing to the Palestinians is attacked relentlessly with big money and the leadership is forced to attack their own members. The media is corporate greed driven so they don’t want to report anything that threatens their advertising dollars.

      I still have a couple of bloggers that used to come to my site and comment all the time that won’t even talk to me or let me comment on their blogs because I repeated Noam Chomsky writings on the subject from way back in 2012. It has gotten worse, not better. https://inthesetimes.com/article/gaza-the-worlds-largest-open-air-prison

      I wish there was more I could do. Also for the people in Yemen that the US turned their backs on under tRump and continuing under Biden in hopes of cheaper oil prices.

      If you have any ideas I am listening? And will help if I can. Thanks

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